OG Volk TE37: Special Batch


20 years ago, RAYS Engineering debuted the original Volk Racing TE37 forged mono-block wheel. Little did they know this would become their flagship design and usher in an incessantly successful line of iterations; SL, RT, and ULTRA just to name a few.

However, despite all the in-house spin-offs and illegal imitations, the OG TE37 design still holds a certain je ne sais quoi that has never been replicated. Celebrate 20 years of success and own a set of iconic wheels with this limited run of 19-Inch TE37 Wheels!


We are working with Rays Engineering to produce 10 sets of 19-Inch staggered Original TE37 Wheels. The specifications are staggered: 19×9.5 +22 5×114.3 and 19×10.5 +12 5×114.3 (370Z / G37 specs) with max concavity on both sizes and a slightly larger lip in the rear. These are original factory specs and discontinued a few years back so we are the only source for these now!

5 Sets are spoken for so if you are interested please let us know! The order has already been placed so it’s not an if, but when they will arrive. These are currently scheduled for January/February but we are expecting to be sold out well before then!  So don’t wait!



Weds & Super Star Summer Sale

_DSC0028 copy

Starting now, though the whole month of August, save up to 30% off WEDS and Super Star 2/3 Piece Wheels! If you’ve been pining over the perfect set of Leon Hardiritt Gemut by Super Star or lusting for the new Maverick 815F by Weds now is the perfect time to buy. Standard delivery time still holds as these are custom wheels made to your specification, but the Sale makes it too good to pass up!


Pricing is structured for a full set of 4 wheels and is dependent on wheel diameter not  width, this means a set of 19×11 cost the same as 19×9! Wheels from 16 to 21 inch are available, but depending on the wheel and size some PCD may not be available.


Sale offer is valid on select Kranze and Maverick wheels by Weds Co., Ltd. and select Leon Hardiritt wheels by Super Star Co., Ltd. See the full list below for more details:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.21.50 PM

Wheel Basics 101: Wheels Specs

So you want to upgrade your wheels and tires but don’t have the slightest idea of what wheel specs you need. Well don’t fear Kami Speed is here to help. While each car is different and requiring their own specs here are the general basics to wheel specs.


So what are the wheel basics?

When purchasing a set of wheels there are 4 specs that you need to look at: diameter (size), width, offset, and PCD, which are usually in the following format.

[Diameter] x [Width] [+/- Offset] [P.C.D.]

i.e. 18 x 10.5 +22 5×114.3

Diameter (size) is just that, the diameter of the wheel. This number is purely preference, but generally speaking the larger your wheel diameter the smaller your tire sidewall. A smaller sidewall means less tire to absorb impacts and generally a less comfortable ride.

Width is how wide you want your wheel to be. Typically speaking the OEM wheel wells leave about 1 inches worth of wiggle room, so if you car comes with a 7-inch wide wheel, you can typically run a 8-inch wheel without much issue (of course depends on other factors).

Offset is the distance from the inside wheel face (where it touches the hub) to an imaginary line at the center of the wheel. This basically means that a positive offset puts more of the wheel into the wheel well, where as a lower or negative offset pushes the wheel further out. This is measured in millimeters. This number is very important, as it ensures your wheels sits in that sweet spot that doesn’t hit the inner suspension or pokes too far out past the fenders. Generally speaking you want to stay around the same offset as your OEM wheels, with big changes requiring more work to fit (more about offset in upcoming articles).


P.C.D. stands for pitch circle diameter which is basically the number of studs and the diameter size circle the studs make. This number does not change so you have to make sure that the wheels you purchase have the same PCD as your vehicle. In some cases you “can” fit slightly different PCD wheels onto your hub, but this requires special lug nuts and is not recommended.




Weds has been involved in motor sport racing in Japan since the early 1970s. Through the involvement of competition racing, WedsSport was born. Over the years, Weds has utilized the demanding environment of motor sport racing as the test ground for the development of WedsSport wheels. Some of the designs are first used on racing cars to analyzing the design and structure before it turns into a consumable products. It’s a true “Racing technology from the fast tracks.

Please Visit  http://www.kamispeed.com/category-s/17551.htm  for all WEDS spec and Special Deals.




SA15RPic    SA55MPic2    TC105nPic    SA67RPic2    SA60Mpics2




WEDSSPORT HellaFlush style – Maverick 508s

weds-logo2WedsSport Maverick 508s

Introducing the all new Maverick 508S by Weds, a classic Japanese 8 spoke design.Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 2.54.05 PM  Incorporating a nice blend of sporty and luxury look, The Maverick 508S is a two-piece construction design. This allows the user to select the desired offset (ET) in 1mm increment.Diameter sizes range from 18” to 20”.  The 20” is also available in step-lip design.  PCD fitments are available for most Japanese, European and some domestic vehicle applications.


Introducing ….. Forged G27 from Volk Racing

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 7.18.40 PM






Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 7.11.56 PMIntroducing Forged G27

RAYS Engineering / Volk Racing  have done it again.

Simple mesh design.This wheel comes with an exclusively designed 3pc center package and incorporates one of our newest color developments. Standard Color is: Prism Dark Silver Optional Color is: Prism Crystal White, Prism Light Silver Price: Please email us Sales@kamispeed.com




RAYS VOLK RACING G27 F30 328i-thumb-625x418-20134