Volk Racing TE37 ULTRA Tourer

Hot off the press! Rays wheels does it again with a new iteration of the highly successful TE37 UTRA. The new TE37 ULTRA Tourer are exclusive to non-Japanese markets (finally we get something Japan does not HA) and were deigned with the Nissan GT-R in mind.


So what makes these new TE37 special? The Tourer carry the same technology as the ULTRA Track Edition (Forged JWL R Spec-2, knurled barrel for wheel grip,  shaved and cliffed center design, etc) with some added benefits to push it’s performance even further. The wheel is finished with the Rays exclusive Formula Silver and the lip portion is Diamond Cut to give it a polished 2 piece look. The Volk Racing insignia is 3D machines into the spoke along with other markers to ensure this wheels’ quality and authenticity.

Price has not been released but you can expect something very soon!


The NEW Volk Racing CE28SL

Building off the success of the TE37SL, Rays Co., Ltd. has once again changed the game with the release of the new Volk Racing CE28 Super Lap.

The design stays true to the original 10-Spoke CE28N but structural improvements provide equivalent strength in a lighter package. Much like the TE37SL, the CE28SL comes with spoke decals (two spoke decals since they are so small) and a rim decal.

CE28SL_099.jpgDue to the weight reduction, center caps cannot be fitted. Sizes range from 17 to 18 inches with aggressive widths and offsets for a wide range of Japanese applications.

For more information regarding size, fitment, and price please visit KamiSpeed.com!

TE37 Expansion

The TE37 has been a staple for Rays Engineering since its inception in the 90’s. Since then iteration have iteration have come to improve and modernize the great design. As such it comes as no surprise that Rays has just announced new wheels and sizes this week:


Designed exclusively for 16 inch with a 4×100 bolt pattern, these new TE37 use the modern logo engraving/etchings and ditch the spoke decals. They have been optimized in weight, strength, and performance for compact vehicles so expect them to be extremely popular with the New ND Roadster as well as the always popular Honda Fit. None of the sizes are instock yet but you can surely pre-order now! TE37 SONIC


19″ TE37 ULTRA:

After the extreme success of the TE37 ULTRA in the 20″ GT-R market, Rays is looking to expand this success into the 19″ market. The 19-inch sizing makes fitment more accessible for other vehicles such as the Nissan 370Z, Subaru WRX STi, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Infiniti G37, Infiniti Q50, Nissan 350Z, Lexus IS350, Lexus RC350, BMW M3, BMW M4, Audi Applications, and Toyota Supra just to name a few. Pricing is not available yet but expect in on KamiSpeed.com once it does become available!


Patience is Virtue

If you’ve ever ordered wheels, you know the worst part is the wait. Reikoi knows this more than anyone when we ordered his Volk Racing TE37SL. But despite it all the final product is perfection. Paired with BC Racing Coilovers on Swift Springs, Anointed Aero wide body fenders, J’s Racing Front Bumper and rear diffuser, you have yourself one mean DC5.


Volk Racing TE37v Super Lap

Volk Racing is re-releasing the TE37v Super Lap wheels. Sizing will be limited to 15’s and 17’s with 4×114.3 PCD specific to older classic vehicles.

Size Width PCD Offset Finish
15 9 4×114.3 -15 Pressed Graphite
15 9.5 4×114.4 -20 Pressed Graphite
15 10 4×114.5 -25 Pressed Graphite
17 9.5 4×114.6 -15 Pressed Graphite
17 10 4×114.7 -20 Pressed Graphite
17 10.5 4×114.8 -25 Pressed Graphite

17524566391_55b9e3dab8_o17498355236_9f2a73da20_o 17522535382_301492f61c_o