The Case for Lowering Springs


When lowering your vehicle, sometimes the cost effective solution is the best solution.

Aftermarket springs provide advantages that stock coils lack, primarily because manufacturers are more concerned with cost as opposed to performance. Just like coilovers and airbags, lowering springs provide improved aerodynamics by reducing the amount of air that passes below the car. A lowered car has a lower center of gravity which in turn improved tire traction, handling, and stability.

A lowering spring kit from KamiSpeed provides you with the the balance a set of coilovers or air bags can’t provide. Apart from the improved performance aspects, springs will maintain OE-like comfort all at an affordable price. Coilovers maximize performance but comfort and affordability is lost. Air bags maximize comfort and improve some performance but affordability is completely lost. Most importantly however, springs are readily available to fit most types of car models. Lexus, Honda, Infiniti, Subaru and Ford are just some of the name brands we cater to. Buy our high-quality lowering springs and give your car the OEM Plus boost it needs!


Suspension Basics 101: Springs, Shocks, Coilovers, or Bags

Sweet ride brah, but it needs more low…

You’ve probably heard that one too many times. Now the question remains which route to take?

Springs ($200-$400):

Upgrading springs is the most cost effective way to properly lower your vehicle and get improved handling characteristics. Springs have had a bad rep for blowing your OEM shocks prematurely (lol), and there is some truth in that depending on the springs you purchase. Springs that lower 2 or more inches or who have spring rates extremely different from OEM specs fall in this category and should be used with caution (or in conjunction with appropriate shocks).

However, a few brands (Swift, H&R, Eibach, etc) take OEM specifications into account and design springs to work in conjunction with OEM shocks. These springs tend to have mild drops (around 1 inch) and tend to have spring rates near stock. These are great options if you want to lower your vehicle for improved performance without a need to upgrade much else.


Shocks ($300-$800):

Shocks typically are something we recommend with upgraded springs. On the lower end you typically get slight improvements in dampening to keep up with higher spring rates. You should also not really expect a drop with upgraded shocks (in most cases though there may be a minimal change in ride height).

On the higher end of shocks you can expect greatly improved dampening characteristics even adjustable dampening setting. These high-end shocks are so good that they provide better characteristics than many sub $1500 coilovers. So typically speaking, if you aren’t partial to a fixed ride height and don’t want to have a no worry suspension setup then shocks and springs may be the way to go.


Coilovers ($600+):

Lets start off with the largest coilover misconception: if you have coilovers you don’t necessary have to lower your vehicle. In most cases, coilovers can actually be set to OEM ride height. So what’s the point? For lower end coilovers, ride height seems to be the desire. In this day and age you can purchase a set of sub $800 coilovers to simply adjust how low you are. Coilovers for lowering sake somewhat defeat their true purpose, but to each his own.

A decent set of street and track coilovers will set you back about $1500. These typically have ride height adjustment separate from dampening. And if used with proper setting will provide greatly improved suspension performance and also give the vehicle a nice adjustable drop. From there on you have track coilovers that can run up thousands of dollars.


Air Suspension ($2000+):

Air suspension or bags has by far the highest starting price, and for good reason. Bags are just that, bags that are filled with compressed air and serve as the vehicles spring. Generally an air suspension setup comes with compressors and a tank, which allows you to freely change the pressure within those bags to adjust for height or performance needs. If you have the money this is the best setup for lowering your vehicle, as you are able to sit your car on the ground when parked and easily raise it when you need to drive.

This will also provide the most comfortable ride, you’re driving on air. And though not commonly practiced due to all the weight, you can somewhat setup your air suspension for a performance setup for improved handling and performance.


NEWS & REVIEWS – Swift Springs Spec-R


Sport Springs SPEC-R
For motorsports minded individual with a passion in winning.
Swift made Sport Springs Spec-R is made for true track racing enthusiasts that wants to take their vehicle to the next level.

Sport Springs Spec-R is engineered with 3 main characteristics.

  1. Redesign lowering ride height to maximize the suspension performance allowing the vehicle to fully absorb road condition for maximum traction.
  2. Increase in spring rate to further enhance cornering speed through entry & exit. The increase in spring rate is based on the vehicle factory stock shock valving settings. Sport Springs Spec-R is increase to the optimal rate that the stock shocks can handle.
  3. Maintain the comfort level for street users.

Swift - Spec-R Sport Springs Index 2


Spec R springs are wound with the same engineering and material as our sports springs. With the exception of stiffer rates and slight change in ride height; you can expect the same characteristics as our sports springs.



I’m pretty sure other manufacturers would not spend this amount of time nor even have the connections to research and create what Swift can. – Member: shutkoevo

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 4.02.58 PM


Swift Spec R’s felt very good on AP1 dampers – Member: Adrs2k





In my opinion the drop is perfect for me. I wouldnt even say its a mild drop, it’s much more aggressive than what I was expecting.– my350z: AssAlbert





Swift Springs Review: Found on “The 370 Forum”

Swift Springs Review: Found on “The 370 Forum” 

Member: CFZ 

So just a little background on me I have owned several cars and I am a track junkie. I have always put coilovers on my vehicles though but its come to a point in my life now, where I feel like I shouldn’t make my daily driver so uncomfortable. So I decided to look for the most quality spring I can find. I have always put the Swift coilover spring on my coilovers and then I found that they are making lowering springs for my vehicle. That was when I was already ready to buy.
Anyways I have had several lowering springs, I mean they are just springs so I do not expect much from them. They lower the car generally without any performance gains, and most likely the manufacturer gets the stock springs increases the spring rates a little, and then chops the springs and then mass produces them. I have spoken to Swift several times throughout the long wait and they would explain to me the R&D process they go through in Japan as well as the race teams in japan that are sponsored by Swift to help design the spring.


So as for the review.
So I received these springs friday of last week and then installed them immediately after I came home. Got the car aligned at the local alignment shop and went straight to the Willow Springs the local racetrack the next morning.

For Swift, lowering the car was secondary, their priority was to get the best performance out of the springs maximizing what they can out of the stock shocks. This suspension mod is truly the cheaper alternative to coilovers.

When I first drove on them I immediately noticed that the car felt much smoother than stock. You will notice that the uneven surfaces of the road are completely soaked up. It was exactly the opposite of what I was expecting. I know, seeing that the spring rates are so high, it’s hard to believe. It wasn’t until I first cranked the steering wheel from side to side that I actually noticed that the spring rates were stiffer. There is almost no body roll.
It’s interesting that they are able to make a lowering springs like this.


Now on the track the car felt extremely stable and goes around the corners really well. In fact they did an incredible job making the car neutral. There is almost no body roll, and the car does everything that I ask it to. The steering response was also a very noticeable difference. Through the high speed corners the car was easily adjusted through the control of the throttle. There was no understeer nor oversteer through the high speed course. It was just very controlled.

Over all I have no complaints about the springs at all.

here is what the car looks like. The rubber tophats still need to settle in still and sits a tad bit lower now. This is the perfect amount of drop Im looking for.

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