Volk Racing TE37 ULTRA Tourer

Hot off the press! Rays wheels does it again with a new iteration of the highly successful TE37 UTRA. The new TE37 ULTRA Tourer are exclusive to non-Japanese markets (finally we get something Japan does not HA) and were deigned with the Nissan GT-R in mind.


So what makes these new TE37 special? The Tourer carry the same technology as the ULTRA Track Edition (Forged JWL R Spec-2, knurled barrel for wheel grip,  shaved and cliffed center design, etc) with some added benefits to push it’s performance even further. The wheel is finished with the Rays exclusive Formula Silver and the lip portion is Diamond Cut to give it a polished 2 piece look. The Volk Racing insignia is 3D machines into the spoke along with other markers to ensure this wheels’ quality and authenticity.

Price has not been released but you can expect something very soon!


New Gram Lights 57Transcend RCF Wheels

Rays Ltd. just released the 57Transcend wheels under their Gram Lights monicker. These wheels use Rays RCF technology, which used thier proprietary Flow Forming manufacturing technique, the 57Transcend is a lighter and stronger wheel despite it being cast. Sizes range from 18×7.5 to 19×12 with most applications being intended for Japanese cars.








The New 2015 Toyota TS040 Hybrid with Rays Wheels

Toyota just unveiled their new 2015 Toyota TS040 Hybrid Racecar to compete in the FIA World Endurance Championship. While this may seem distant to our industry, we learned that Rays Ltd. is supplying the wheels for this vehicle. A set of 13×18 Center-lock Forged Magnesium Wheels which seem to sport a variation of the ZE40s design and finish (Matte Blue Gunmetal). If you ever doubted the quality of Rays, this should be proof enough that their products are top notch.




New 57XTREME CJ Spec

Available from 16-19 inch sizing, the new iteration of the gramLIGHTS 57XTREME features two special finishes dubbed Couleur Japanesque.

Blue Japanesque is Diamond Cut sides in Black with a Blue Clear face:




Black Japanesque come in XM Spec for added weight reduction and are finished with Black Machining and the Rim Edge Cut-outs are Diamond Cut.




Available for pre-order now! Shoot us an email at sales@kamispeed.com

Nicely Done

I’ve seen very few of the GE Fits done right. Wile this doesn’t have much, but the wheels make it 100 times better.  Nicely Done: TE37V 16×8 +35


Gram Lights 57Gainer

These wheels never really peaked much interest in me. They kind of look like the Work XC-8 (with a lip) and those never really took off. Even so, I can appreciate them on these cars. Still not my favorite but they look good… and for being a one-piece cast wheel they offer some aggressive sizes and provide a decent lip. I hate to say it but they’re growing on me haha. Let me know what you guys think.


Sexy Ass 240SX

So I came across these pictures and I couldn’t resist but repost them. No details on all the mods, but I know the following:

  • TE37 Mercury Silver (17×9 fr & 18×9.5 rr)
  • Cusco Roll Cage (Unless it’s not)
  • Bride Bucket (Zeta III me thinks)
  • Turbo Kit of some sort (intercooler in the front gives it away)

The man responsible is Damon Young, which if you search him up you’ll see his car has been through several changes… but this in my opinion is his sexiest look. Good Job. Oh and to the owner if you read this: hope we didn’t post something you didn’t want and feel free to contact me if you want it down.