OG Volk TE37: Special Batch


20 years ago, RAYS Engineering debuted the original Volk Racing TE37 forged mono-block wheel. Little did they know this would become their flagship design and usher in an incessantly successful line of iterations; SL, RT, and ULTRA just to name a few.

However, despite all the in-house spin-offs and illegal imitations, the OG TE37 design still holds a certain je ne sais quoi that has never been replicated. Celebrate 20 years of success and own a set of iconic wheels with this limited run of 19-Inch TE37 Wheels!


We are working with Rays Engineering to produce 10 sets of 19-Inch staggered Original TE37 Wheels. The specifications are staggered: 19×9.5 +22 5×114.3 and 19×10.5 +12 5×114.3 (370Z / G37 specs) with max concavity on both sizes and a slightly larger lip in the rear. These are original factory specs and discontinued a few years back so we are the only source for these now!

5 Sets are spoken for so if you are interested please let us know! The order has already been placed so it’s not an if, but when they will arrive. These are currently scheduled for January/February but we are expecting to be sold out well before then!  So don’t wait!



The New 2015 Toyota TS040 Hybrid with Rays Wheels

Toyota just unveiled their new 2015 Toyota TS040 Hybrid Racecar to compete in the FIA World Endurance Championship. While this may seem distant to our industry, we learned that Rays Ltd. is supplying the wheels for this vehicle. A set of 13×18 Center-lock Forged Magnesium Wheels which seem to sport a variation of the ZE40s design and finish (Matte Blue Gunmetal). If you ever doubted the quality of Rays, this should be proof enough that their products are top notch.




BC Racing NA – New Product Release


2013 Nissan Altima: BR TYPE – D-28

BC Racing is proud to announce the release of the BR series coilover  application for the 2013 NISSAN ALTIMA.

This application uses BC BR p/n D-28 for the 2007-Current Nissan Altima. This application comes standard with front camber pillowball top mounts with a choice of rubber rear or pillowball top mounts, and uses spring rates of 7kg front and 7kg rear for improved handling over factory suspension while still maintaining a factory like ride.


– Mono-tube shock design
– 30 levels of damping force adjustment, adjust compression/rebound
– Pillowball mounts and adjustable camber plates included (where applicable)
– Adjustable rear camber plates available
– Separate full length height adjustable
– One year warranty
– Rebuildable






Available for Purchase on KamiSpeed.com

Road to Formula Drift…. HTN style! ^_^

June: 2012

Formula Drift:


Getting ready at the front line… what a sexy silvia





Baller Ruckus Crew.

My God your sexy hiding in that shade.

Baller Uras kit rocking the Volks. YUM!

V2Lab stopping by.

V2Lab dumped.

Keep Drifting Fun, enough said!

Daigo getting track ready!

Lets go drifting!!!!

240 getting nasty!!

Drift -O!!!!


APD Acura TSX: Introducing the Honda Racing Line

Before I begin I would like to thank Jonathan Donner for taking the time to talk with me and give us a little insight into the APD MotorSports Program, and their affiliates: Honda Performance Development Inc.(HPD) and MotoIQ.


APD Motorsports is a Team based out of North Carolina whose members have extensive experience in Drag Racing, SCCA, and GRAND-AM Road Racing. At the moment they are running two Honda Drag Cars (an H22-powered PRO FWD Honda Accord and a D Series-powered Honda Civic) and an Acura Time Attack Car (a K24-powered TSX competing in MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships – the topic of this article). Thanks to their close connections with HPD, this team has been chosen to spread the word on the Honda Racing Line to Honda/Acura drag and “time attack” racers across the United States.

So what is this Honda Racing Line? The Honda Racing Line under HPD was created as a support program for Honda and Acura Racer Teams in all forms of MotorSports. They provide easy access to Honda oem and performance parts, while providing unmatched technical support. Once in the program you are connected with to a huge Honda database providing specs, help, and advice from Honda specialists. It’s actually a pity some of the parts they offer are only avaiable for Race Teams, check out their link: http://racing.honda.com/hpd/

Now for some lovely Acura TSX car porn 🙂

WRC Gets a New Player, V-Dub

V-Dub in the hausss… apparently. It seems the world’s economy is looking up. Volkswagen will an announce its entrance into the WRC, meaning they have more money to spend things like racing. Yay

Volkswagen will confirm its 2011 World Rally Championship entry on Thursday May 5 at a press conference in Sardinia.

While the German manufacturer remains tight-lipped on the subject, the agreement was reported to have received the final internal signature required yesterday and the announcement of the firm’s first World Rally Championship effort will be made on the eve of Rally d’Italia.

A spokesmen from VW said: “I cannot comment on anything at the moment.”

VW had initially planned to reveal its WRC intentions in Portugal last month, but the final signatures were not in place, forcing it to postpone.

The news from Italy is expected to be centred on a Polo World Rally Car, which will arrive for a selected programme of WRC rounds in 2012 before the full season in 2013.

There are not expected to be any announcements of drivers, but Petter Solberg and Nasser Al-Attiyah are reckoned to be close to agreements.

(>.< )V


Part 2 – 2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

So maybe you were inspired by my last post and you drove yourself to St. Petersburg. Or maybe not.. I think the Inside Kami Executives took the day off so I held things down. I know you can’t all make it, we have readers from all over the world so hopefully I can summarize it for you. Not just with a few words but with some of the photos from the hundreds I took.

The event this year was just as good as prior years if not better given the great weather (no rain). Again, the World Challenge races caught my attention all weekend. These are cars you see on the street and the drivers have come up through the grass roots events. Some of the race teams competing in the World Challenge are even  family owned teams. You can feel the passion and see the home grown skills in the paddock area with what looks like a group of friends wrenching on their car in their boys apartment complex parking lot. Just like anything there is a range.. from home grown to top dollar as you work up the classes. The Truspeed team and their GT3’s are SiCK!!  Reinforces my need to own a 911 in 5 years but just like my budget would have to change to own one…  so would yours to compete with them.

I am rambling on now so I will wrap it up… the sights, sounds, smell are all so intense at these events. The crowds that follow Indy Car are insane.  All three days, I was all in the first day, few hours on Saturday and again all day Sunday. Each day relaxing and looking for new spots to shot in the process, taking it all in. Strangely peaceful despite the scream of 10,000+ RPM. Something you have to experience if you haven’t yet. So with that… more photos that I felt worthy.

James Luedde – Fotoset Photography