Preview: 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon

Bride Japan Partners Up

Late 2016 Bride Japan partnered up with the Dome Corporation, a company that focuses on building race cars in the Japanese GT divisions. Their main goal is to work in conjunction to release the worlds most advanced racing seats. It did not take long for this partnership to release quite the stunner.img_5823The Bride Hyper is an industry leading FIA approved racing seat for high performance racing, think profession JGTC requirements. The CFRP shell and aluminum seat bracket come in at an industry leading 16.2 kilograms.


Beatrush TAS Debut

For the first time Laile Corporation, the parent company of Beatrush, will be show casing their Subaru WRX STI VAB in the tuner show-case. You can expect a range of new goodies so check back to see a full list of products up for release!24268262642_43964761c2_o


The Return of the TE37

dura_555Two years back Rays Engineering showed a TE37 prototype featuring machined spokes which made the 22×9 wheel only 17 pounds. After some adjustments Rays settled on the new TE037 DURA which is a little more extreme than the original prototype. Big note to point out is that this new TE037 is constructed from A7075 versus A6061, which makes it that much better. All in all expect the TE037 to make a lot of waves.

2015 saw the emergence of the TE37 ULTRA, probably the closest iteration to the original TE37 since it was released 20 years back. While 20 and 19 inch sizes got the new treatment, 18’s were left out. saga_557Enter TE37 SAGA, these are exclusively 18 inch and come in all the sizes under the sun. And best of all this is pretty darn close to the OG model and comes standard with a Bronze finish. Pictures and full details are still up in the air, but expect more info this upcoming week!


Player 2 (Weds Wheels) Has Entered

Weds Wheels has been quietly building up quite the arsenal in it’s performance wheel line-up. To this day the TC-105N is the lightest cast wheel in the market (topping the all mighty Enkei RPF1), however their entire line-up featured Flow Formed Cast wheels only. This kept them out of certain high-end performance markets with the lack of forged options. 15874781_1332836920071537_7828604514629935141_oThis year that all changes, as WedsSport released the FT-117 (a Closed-Die Mold Form Forged wheel comparable to the likes of Rays and BBS). Sizing is currently slated for large performance vehicles, 20-inch sizing, but a forged wheel from WedsSports bodes well for future designs!

Trust Power: GReddy Japan

GReddy has been teasing their Sirius gauges for a year now, but this year they will be debuting the production models. The gauges feature a futuristic look that will make any build pop. They also come in a range of displays to suit nearly every need!12440438_942185555817957_4014169174829916915_oGReddy is also debuting a series of revised products for the Toyota 86 Kouki. Expect a range of goodies for performance catered specifically for the new Toyota 86.

Yokohama Wheels: Advan Racing Wheel Updates

Yokohama Wheels is not releasing any new wheels this year but they are updating sizes on several of their wheels. The Advan Racing GT is being released in 21 inch sizes, the RS-DF Progressive is being revamped for 19 inch sizes, and the RG-D2 are being released in 15, 16, and 17’s. Exact specs aren’t out yet, but you can expect more details soon!photo_0000_tas2016.png



Honda Japan Parts



You may not know it, but we are still a large imported of Honda Japan products. If you ever need anything Japanese Domestic, be sure to make us your first stop!

The Stance Creators


With the growth of VIP {bippu} culture in Japan, it was only obvious that the gangster fad would expand and grow (for a brief origin check out our previous article). Not only has it expanded across the board in Japan, but stylistic features have crossed the Pacific to the good ol’ US of A.

Stance. Stance? Stance! Stance… Stance

Yes, that retched word that ranges from a set of coilovers to how your car sits and in some cases is being used as an adjective. Stance polarizes the car scene with automotive fundamentalists criticizing the lack of function and fans loving how stanced their cars are, usually exalting “form over function!”

So how do we describe stance? Typically my description to non-car people starts off long, complicated, and confusing but ends up summing up to the following: slamming the car, taking a low offset set of wheels with aggressive specs, and “making it fit.” As innovative as we think we are (at least in this case), we have to tip our hats to the Bippu O.G. creators in Japan, who have been slamming, stretching, tucking, and stancing cars since the 90’s.


So you’re welcome to the fans and to the haters, keep hating.

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Mishimoto Toys…



Mishimoto is proud to announce the release of our Baffled Oil Catch Can. With over a year of research and development time, Mishimoto has created the most effective oil catch can on the market. The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can was designed to separate oil particles from the PCV air that would normally have just been routed back to your intake. Custom grooves in the catch can’s inlet turbulates the air longer and ensures all the oil sinks to the bottom of the can, leaving nothing but clean air to pass through the 40 micron bronze filter to the intake. An internal baffle keeps the collected oil from splashing around under race conditions.

The 100% billet, 6061 aluminum can accepts –AN fittings at the inlet, outlet, and drain area allowing over 27 possible configurations. For maximum fitment options, the top cog mounting setup allows the can to be mounted from multiple angles. To make maintenance easy, the drain plug can be removed to allow for –AN return to the oil pain. The can is also 100% washable, unlike many other cans that require you to replace your filtration system. The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can is available in a variety of colors as well, so it will be sure to match your style and taste!












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Beatrush Mounts and Bushings


Beatrush Mounting and Bush 

Rubber bushing is used in many mounting portion such as a shift or link suspension member, such as an engine mount in normal vehicle. It is effective to improve the quietness and ride comfort, but the deformation of the bush due to vibration and engine shaking and the input of the load would cause a change of alignment and wasted movement in each part and suspension members, the maneuverability I will have a negative impact. To devise a material part of the body, it is possible to suppress unnecessary movement to use the urethane bush, beat rush product pull enough traction and cornering performance.

Engine Mount set – Evo Lancer 

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