Volk Racing TE37 ULTRA Tourer

Hot off the press! Rays wheels does it again with a new iteration of the highly successful TE37 UTRA. The new TE37 ULTRA Tourer are exclusive to non-Japanese markets (finally we get something Japan does not HA) and were deigned with the Nissan GT-R in mind.


So what makes these new TE37 special? The Tourer carry the same technology as the ULTRA Track Edition (Forged JWL R Spec-2, knurled barrel for wheel grip,  shaved and cliffed center design, etc) with some added benefits to push it’s performance even further. The wheel is finished with the Rays exclusive Formula Silver and the lip portion is Diamond Cut to give it a polished 2 piece look. The Volk Racing insignia is 3D machines into the spoke along with other markers to ensure this wheels’ quality and authenticity.

Price has not been released but you can expect something very soon!


OG Volk TE37: Special Batch


20 years ago, RAYS Engineering debuted the original Volk Racing TE37 forged mono-block wheel. Little did they know this would become their flagship design and usher in an incessantly successful line of iterations; SL, RT, and ULTRA just to name a few.

However, despite all the in-house spin-offs and illegal imitations, the OG TE37 design still holds a certain je ne sais quoi that has never been replicated. Celebrate 20 years of success and own a set of iconic wheels with this limited run of 19-Inch TE37 Wheels!


We are working with Rays Engineering to produce 10 sets of 19-Inch staggered Original TE37 Wheels. The specifications are staggered: 19×9.5 +22 5×114.3 and 19×10.5 +12 5×114.3 (370Z / G37 specs) with max concavity on both sizes and a slightly larger lip in the rear. These are original factory specs and discontinued a few years back so we are the only source for these now!

5 Sets are spoken for so if you are interested please let us know! The order has already been placed so it’s not an if, but when they will arrive. These are currently scheduled for January/February but we are expecting to be sold out well before then!  So don’t wait!


C-West Beefs up the GT-R R35 Front Fenders

After the announcement of the Cyber Evo’s replacement, the Cyber GT-R, C-West began developing all the aerodynamic goodies expected of a full fledged racekor. Among the first developments was C-West’s new 10mm Front Fenders. These babies come ready in either FRP or CFRP and they even keep full use of the fender emblems. If you plan on tracking your GT-R or just want to fit wider tires (285 tires fit comfortably using oem specs, so imagine what you can fit with some play) this is definitely an upgrade you need.

Check it out: KamiSpeed.com

New Product fo You!!!

It’s been a little slow these past few weeks with new product releases. Luckily for you everyone decided to release new products in the past few days. So where is a quick list of whats hot :).


Some new goodies: “Smart Cross” Wench, Racing Guages and Chassis Reinforcement galore for the FD2.






IS250/350 Body Kit (Front Bumper, Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, Front Air Duct, Rear Wing, Cooling Hood)



Kyo-Ei is the master nut maker in Japan, making most major nuts that wheel companies sell here. With such knowledge they decided to make the ultimate racing nut… long, un-breakable, and black (excuse all the sexual innuendoes). Anywho, for those who are serious about racing, these won’t fail on you.



Mine’s has been primarily focused on the GT-R R35 since it was released, doing everything from performance to aesthetics. Well here’s another goodie, a CF Grill for the GT-R R35 To-Die-For. Not only is it useful, but its incredibly well crafted.



Pretty self explanatory… The shift knob is basically universal since it comes with 4 different inserts to thread on.



Not really a new product, but Weds released a new Website for their WedsSports line. Its similar to the Weds North America Site but makes it a lot easier to find all things related to WedsSports, including Race Results and a Gallery. Check it out:


Stupidly Retarded GT-R Powered Renault

This might be the work of a newbie engineering or a genius evil mastermind. Regardless, this is one of the most ridiculous engine swaps and builds I’ve ever seen… The Renault Dacia Duster is a tiny car (something like a scion) and in preparation for Pikes Peak the Dacia team decided to slap on a fiberglass/carbon body, a thousand point roll cage, some custom ohlin suspension, a double wing fit for a plane, and a twin turbo 850 HP V6 (the the R35 GT-R). When you see it on the track you’ll think its about to go super sonic.