Weds & Super Star Summer Sale

_DSC0028 copy

Starting now, though the whole month of August, save up to 30% off WEDS and Super Star 2/3 Piece Wheels! If you’ve been pining over the perfect set of Leon Hardiritt Gemut by Super Star or lusting for the new Maverick 815F by Weds now is the perfect time to buy. Standard delivery time still holds as these are custom wheels made to your specification, but the Sale makes it too good to pass up!


Pricing is structured for a full set of 4 wheels and is dependent on wheel diameter not  width, this means a set of 19×11 cost the same as 19×9! Wheels from 16 to 21 inch are available, but depending on the wheel and size some PCD may not be available.


Sale offer is valid on select Kranze and Maverick wheels by Weds Co., Ltd. and select Leon Hardiritt wheels by Super Star Co., Ltd. See the full list below for more details:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.21.50 PM

The NEW Kami Speed Application


For some time now we have been working on a new Kami Speed Application for iOS and Android devices.  Our first application has been out for some time, but as we started work on the new one we somewhat left the first one behind…

We are in the final stages of the new App release so as such our previous application will be phased out. This means that our previous application will stop working soon to make room for the New and Improved Kami Speed app later this year.

We can’t give out details, but can let you know that we will revolutionize the mobile shopping experience, ensuring easy and safe shopping for all your favorite car parts! Not only that, but we will be having mobile exclusive offers and deals to sweeten the deal.

More details will be released soon so stay tuned!