BC Racing DR Series Coilovers


BC Racing’s new proprietary digressive piston design offers increased damping force at low piston velocities (velocity = speed + direction) while maintaining a linear damper feel at higher piston velocities. Depending on your needs and applications the DR can be an ideal setup for you!

So what does a digressive piston design really mean? Without getting too technical, at low piston velocities (driving at low speeds) there is a low flow rate which provides a lot of resistance and allows for superior control; at a preset point with higher piston velocities (track speeds hitting bumps) the flow rate rapidly tapers or “blows off” to a linear flow rate. 

Again what does that really mean for everyday drivers? The biggest advantages of increased low-speed damping force translates into the driver’s “feel” (i.e., roll, pitch, and quick weight transitions), which in this case would be experienced in chicanes and on Auto-X courses.

Ideally the DR would be a coilover best suited for drivers who want a street set-up built for primarily Auto-X and smaller tracks. With increased low end response you can expect more feel and less comfort at low speeds as compared to BC BR, so keep that in mind!

The BC Racing DR Series coilover is now available for purchase. They are on a special order bases and take 3-4 weeks to build and ship. Check them out here:

BC Racing DR Series – Digressive Coilovers