Lexus IS-F Done Right

The Lexus IS-F was introduced as the BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG killer. On paper the stats were impressive making it the most powerful from the trio. However on the track and in the field it fell short, lacking the total package to clock a better time than the M3 and missing the luxury praised from the C63.

In the end, the IS-F ended somewhat flat, never really getting much love or attention after the initial release though ultimately it proved an impressive feat given Lexus’ limited foray into the luxury performance market. If anything it led way to the Lexus LFA which in my opinion is one of the best cars released in the past 10 years, but that’s just me.

Enough about that though, despite the lack luster performance the IS-F remains a beautiful car. Standard with a Brembo BBK, aggressive aero including vented front fenders & blistered hood, and a girthy quad-tip exhaust system at the end of a V8 power plant the vehicle still garners a lot of stares. Add to that mix the perfect set of SSR Professor SP3’s and you have yourself this beauty!