BC Racing DR Series Coilovers


BC Racing’s new proprietary digressive piston design offers increased damping force at low piston velocities (velocity = speed + direction) while maintaining a linear damper feel at higher piston velocities. Depending on your needs and applications the DR can be an ideal setup for you!

So what does a digressive piston design really mean? Without getting too technical, at low piston velocities (driving at low speeds) there is a low flow rate which provides a lot of resistance and allows for superior control; at a preset point with higher piston velocities (track speeds hitting bumps) the flow rate rapidly tapers or “blows off” to a linear flow rate. 

Again what does that really mean for everyday drivers? The biggest advantages of increased low-speed damping force translates into the driver’s “feel” (i.e., roll, pitch, and quick weight transitions), which in this case would be experienced in chicanes and on Auto-X courses.

Ideally the DR would be a coilover best suited for drivers who want a street set-up built for primarily Auto-X and smaller tracks. With increased low end response you can expect more feel and less comfort at low speeds as compared to BC BR, so keep that in mind!

The BC Racing DR Series coilover is now available for purchase. They are on a special order bases and take 3-4 weeks to build and ship. Check them out here:

BC Racing DR Series – Digressive Coilovers




The NEW Volk Racing CE28SL

Building off the success of the TE37SL, Rays Co., Ltd. has once again changed the game with the release of the new Volk Racing CE28 Super Lap.

The design stays true to the original 10-Spoke CE28N but structural improvements provide equivalent strength in a lighter package. Much like the TE37SL, the CE28SL comes with spoke decals (two spoke decals since they are so small) and a rim decal.

CE28SL_099.jpgDue to the weight reduction, center caps cannot be fitted. Sizes range from 17 to 18 inches with aggressive widths and offsets for a wide range of Japanese applications.

For more information regarding size, fitment, and price please visit KamiSpeed.com!

WedsSport TC105N ND-Spec

The WedsSport TC105N has proven time and time again to be the lightest cast wheel in the market (sorry Enkei RPF1). With the release of the new 2016 Mazda MX-5 (also known as Miata, Roadster, etc etc), it’s not a surprise that Weds decided to release a special size suited for the ND chassis given it’s return to the 4×100 PCD (the Miata jumped to 5×114.3 PCD with the NC).

WedsSport TC105N ND Spec – 17×8.0 +30 4×100 – 15.12 lbs – Titanium Silver (TSTI)



On sale now! WedsSport TC105N ND Spec 17×8 +30 4×100 

Lexus IS-F Done Right

The Lexus IS-F was introduced as the BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG killer. On paper the stats were impressive making it the most powerful from the trio. However on the track and in the field it fell short, lacking the total package to clock a better time than the M3 and missing the luxury praised from the C63.

In the end, the IS-F ended somewhat flat, never really getting much love or attention after the initial release though ultimately it proved an impressive feat given Lexus’ limited foray into the luxury performance market. If anything it led way to the Lexus LFA which in my opinion is one of the best cars released in the past 10 years, but that’s just me.

Enough about that though, despite the lack luster performance the IS-F remains a beautiful car. Standard with a Brembo BBK, aggressive aero including vented front fenders & blistered hood, and a girthy quad-tip exhaust system at the end of a V8 power plant the vehicle still garners a lot of stares. Add to that mix the perfect set of SSR Professor SP3’s and you have yourself this beauty!