HKS Livery Towel

Perfect for the summer, this towel is surprisingly large! It’s perfect for activities that involve the use of a towel; i.e. ping pong, racekor drifting, and (but not limited to) hoodrat shit.

It says HKS and some other JDM stuff, not to mention the HKS livery is printed in the background so there is no mistaking how badass and authentic you are. Sure your drift missile only has 200 horsepower and has matching body parts because you actually like your car and don’t want it plastered on a concrete divider but your boys will still recognize a fuckboi when they see one. My point? Buy this towel now and prove to your friends you don’t need a vape thing or a poor excuse of a hair cut to be cool.

But seriously this towel is sweet and a great size. It’s not large enough to replace your shower towel but you could if you try hard enough. And ladies this would be a perfect hair towel because I know long hair requires a whole other towel.

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