New Product Showcase: Spring Preview

With February coming to a close (btw Happy Leap Day everyone?), we can all expect Spring to be around the corner. Spring is a marvelous time, filled with thawing snow, warm sunshine, and car men from all over the land leaving their hibernation to display their shiny cars.

So with 3 weeks left in Winter, now is the perfect time to start planning once show season rolls around. Here is a brief preview of what to expect this Spring:


AUTOart Models: We will be carrying the full line of Japanese Die-cast models from AUTOart. These are the best quality models in the industry and if you are a car nut like we are you can’t not lust over the amount of detail poured into each and every model. This Spring we will be bringing these in so be on the look out.

FullSizeRender 3

BC Racing: 2015 was a big year for BC Racing. They released 3 new series of coilovers and a whole line-up of Forged wheels and the 2015 SEMA Show. However, since then BC has been playing catchup to prepare for all the new products they released. Starting this Spring you can expect more information and applications on the BC DR, HR, and ZR series of coilovers. You can expect the 62mm ID Swift x BC Racing Gold Springs to start rolling off the shelves and into the market. And lastly you can expect more on the BC Forged line of wheels, here at KamiSpeed we are teaming up with BC to release special sizes on vehicle specific applications so stay tuned!


Beatrush: Beatrush has been teasing us with chassis parts for the new Miata ND without much update on official release dates. You can expect a full release of chassis products for the Roadster this Spring along with a sprinkling of products for the FR-S / BRZ, 2015+ WRX / STi, and 2015+ Honda Fit GK5.


Buddy Club: Earlier this Winter Buddy Club revealed plans for their new Racing Spec Ti Series of exhaust systems made of 100% Titanium. Few details have been released, but this Spring we can expect the first batch to arrive along with more information. The first release for this line will be for the 2015+ Honda Fit GK5, pricing is also up in the air, but for the Fit the axle-back system has an MSRP of $699.


HPI Competition Gear: Rumor has it that KamiSpeed will be the only US based shop bringing in HPI Competition Gear. Rumor has it that this Spring they will have a nice shipment of Harnesses and Tow Straps. Stay Tuned!

Prices: The Dollar to Yen exchange rate has held steady at about 120 Yen to 1 Dollar since 2015, which has been favorable to the market and allowed for cheap JDM parts lol. As of about 2 weeks though the exchange has shifted slightly in favor of the Yen with the exchange floating around 110 Yen to 1 Dollar. While that change isn’t major, you should expect a price increase on most Japanese products. Special order items should be ideally ordered now rather than later to lock in the lower price.


Rays: Unlike most Japanese wheel manufactures who drop new wheel design at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Rays likes to debut designs as soon as they’re available. About 2 weeks ago Rays unveiled their special edition TE37V SL for 2016, featuring sized in 15, 16, and 17 inches. They come in Double Pressed Black faces with diamond cut lips and exclusive Tan spoke decals. Since they were released 2 weeks ago, you can expect the first batch to arrive later on this Spring.


Tein: At the 2015 SEMA Show Tein, previewed their new Z line-up of coilovers. With no frills they were able to massively reduce cost and manufacture affordable Japanese made suspension setups. This Spring you can expect the first batch of Street Basis Z and Street Advance Z to make it stateside. Both are simple twin-tube coilovers where height adjustment is tied to dampening but prices start staggeringly low $400 and $500 respectively!

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 5.41.23 PM.png

Weds: Earlier this year Weds USA dropped the bombshell that the Kranze Bazreia and LXZ were being discontinued. What we didn’t know was that the Bazreia and LXZ had been already discontinued in Japan, but a few extra faces were made for the USA market. Stock is running low, but we are expecting the LXZ and Bazreia to be completely out of stock this Spring. If you plan on ever owning a factory built set of these wheels now is the time to jump on them!