2016 S2Ki Mega Meet hosted by KamiSpeed

24249726254_a607b67652_kWe have a history of hosting great S2000 Meets in the South East. First in 2009, then in 2013, and now this past weekend.

IMG_7617We once again hosted the S2Ki Mega Meet with the date set months in advance. As the date approached the list grew with a total of 199 confirmed. Unfortunately when the day arrived an nebulous and rainy forecast set somewhat of a damper on attendance. Even so, we ended up counting over 90 S2K (some people left before we could get an exact number). While the rain did end the celebration a bit early, the overcast lighting made a great backdrop for pictures. We ourselves did not get the chance to take pictures, but from we have seen these are our favorite!


Thanks to Chris and Jonathan for the great shots! Here are their photosets so you can see more!

Chris Bhulai Photoset

Jonathan Ralleca Photoset