The Stance Creators


With the growth of VIP {bippu} culture in Japan, it was only obvious that the gangster fad would expand and grow (for a brief origin check out our previous article). Not only has it expanded across the board in Japan, but stylistic features have crossed the Pacific to the good ol’ US of A.

Stance. Stance? Stance! Stance… Stance

Yes, that retched word that ranges from a set of coilovers to how your car sits and in some cases is being used as an adjective. Stance polarizes the car scene with automotive fundamentalists criticizing the lack of function and fans loving how stanced their cars are, usually exalting “form over function!”

So how do we describe stance? Typically my description to non-car people starts off long, complicated, and confusing but ends up summing up to the following: slamming the car, taking a low offset set of wheels with aggressive specs, and “making it fit.” As innovative as we think we are (at least in this case), we have to tip our hats to the Bippu O.G. creators in Japan, who have been slamming, stretching, tucking, and stancing cars since the 90’s.


So you’re welcome to the fans and to the haters, keep hating.

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