Classic Wheel Evolution: Kranze Cerberus

Kranze Cerberus [JDM pronunciation: kurenze kereberosu]


To most these two words are simple gibberish and a vague reference to the mythological Greek three-headed dog from Hades (I watched Hercules as I kid, don’t judge). But to the gear head, Kranze Cerberus is a sign you’ve made it, a super rare 3-piece wheel that can elevate any build to IG notoriety.


So what do we have to know about these wheels?

Currently the Kranze Cerberus III is the third iteration of a design that has been one of the pillars for the Kranze brand since its inception.

Due to the technology the initial designs had simple but classic flared split 5-spoke construction, something of a nod to European design. And even though Kranze primarily uses 3-piece wheels, they did made a mono-block design at one point.

Thanks to advancements in the field, the latest Cerberus use “3D” tech to give the spokes more character and depth. Likewise, the latest design comes in a wide range of sizes and widths, making it an ideal wheel for bippu setups.


So the next time you see a set of Kranze Cerberus by Weds, strut your wheel knowledge and let them know those wheels were inspired by the Greek hellhound.

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