New Whiteline Evo X Sway Bar Kit


New Product Update!!

Whiteline has introduced a new sway bar kit for the 2008+ Mitsubishi Evolution X.

The kits feature three-point adjustable front and rear bars for quick on-track adjustments for perfectly balanced steering and tire contact. The kits also include urethane chassis mounts and 10mm ball adjustable end links.

In kit form, the BMK010 kit represents a 20% savings compared to purchasing the Whiteline EVO-X swaybars and end links individually.

The new Whiteline BMK010 kit includes:

BMF55Z ­– 27mm Front Heavy Duty Blade Adjustable Sway Bar
KLC139 – HD On-Car Adjustable Steel Ball Sway Bar Link Kit
BMR84Z – 27mm Rear Heavy Duty Blade Adjustable Sway Bar
KLC174 – Sway On-Car Adjustable Bar End Link Kit

Part #: BMK010
MSRP: $599.99