The Smurf on WEDS.

Wheels…a decision not taken lightly. It usually comes with endless internet searches, forum lurking, and asking your tuner friends over & over what their opinions are! Though, if your fixed on a specific wheel, you do what Danny Hong out of Virginia did…you make it fit!


Even catching the attention of WEDSSPORT, Danny customized his BMW 316i bolt pattern to accompany these beautiful tc105n’s. Originally a 5×120 bolt pattern, he had inserts customized to accommodate a 5×114.3 mm pattern that the tc105n’s posses.

portrait rear-right_smaller walkaway_smaller

Nothing is impossible. A BIG shout out to Danny Hong for rocking one hellava wheel and custom offset.



~Weds tc105n

~18×9.5 et35 front 5×114.3

~18×10.5 et12 rear 5×114.3

~Yokohama AD08R 255/35 and 285/30

OWNER: Danny Hong

PHOTOGRAPHER: Justin Capolongo


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