Protect Your Undercarriage -Great for your HELLAFLUSH Needs.

Protect your chassis – Your undercarriage will Thank You.

Air turbulence is significantly reduced, producing a more stable ride at higher speeds and increasing down force by creating higher suction pressures between the panel and road.  under-panel1Engine temperatures are reduced and stabilized by removing heat from the engine compartment with specialized slits made to draw out hot air while the vehicle is in motion. This is successfully achieved during the creation of down force, as this negative pressure sucks out the heat and is then swooped out by colder air moving underneath.  Provides greater protection under the engine than stock plastic panels during heavy track or circuit racing competitions.

p1040662 Review – Chukee_R – The fitment of these underpanel is awesome!! It also feels 100 times more sturdy than that crappy plastic thing we got from Mitsu. I’m guessing some of you are wondering about oil changes at this point…by removing 5 bolts the rear section of the underpanel will come off and you have open access to everything you need to change your oil. So…No, you dont not need to remove the whole entire thing to change your oil.

s51160-d Review – Experts from EVOM.NET

The Beatrush under-panel is well worth your money if you are having issues with front end lift. It also looks better then stock and allows for much easier dyno setup, so if you want form, function, and time savings then this is a great mod to get.



As soon as we got the car on the track, the Beatrush under-panel really showed its race function and design. At higher speeds the car’s nose felt planted and the lift was eliminated. DSC_2321fu2x261sEIThe new modification instilled the confidence to take the project car hurdling down the straights at a higher rate of speed. This as well as the decreased lift and consequently increased cornering ability ultimately shaved down our lap times.

For information on your Beatrush Underpanel – Shoot a email to



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