Tanabe Concept G Exhaust for the BRZ $690msrp



CONCEPT G is an all new motorsports-developed exhaust system that features high power benefits, while maintaining responsible sound levels. Using the all new ‘continuous strand’ ADVANTEX packing material technology, CONCEPT G achieves extremely high levels of exhaust system efficiency, while maintaining a street drivable, extremely clean sound output that is under 93db. The full SUS304 stainless CONCEPT G is designed for optimal pipe routing as well as ground clearance. It’s sporty appearance and angle-cut tip is ideal for the sports car & sport compact driver.



Streetable System – 93db compliant, Quality Sound: Tanabe exhaust systems are well known to have one of the most unique exhaust notes available. A trademark of the Tanabe Exhaust system the extremely clean, low, deep tone that is both pleasant and aggressive at all RPM ranges.  410_img2




Highest Grade SUS304 Construction:

Tanabe was one of the first Japanese aftermarket companies to creat full SUS304 Stainless steel exhaust systems many years ago. The highest grade SUS304 Stainless is used on all systems for maximum durability, as well as light-weight.



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