Damper Basics :: “Good to Know”


What shock absorbers are for


Shock absorbers slow down the vibrations generated by wheels, axles and the chassis. Therefore, the technically correct name is vibration damper.
When driving over an uneven surface, the shock absorbers take up the impact of the shock. The damper then tries to transfer the incoming energy. In a short time span, these continuing shocks lead to a vibration. These movements are then transferred to the shock absorber by the piston rod. Thereby, the kinetic energy is transformed into heat by hydraulic resistance in the shock absorber valves. Therefore the vibrations are reduced to a minimum and can hardly be sensed.

An intact shock absorber offers driving comfort and safety and prevents:

  • Rocking when driving over continuously uneven surfaces
  • Pitching or strong dipping during acceleration and braking
  • Spinning wheels
  • Swerving out of control while breaking
  • Sliding when cornering with minimal traction

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