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Larger, full color, higher resolution screen

We super sized the screen for ease of use and better monitoring. Full text help menus, multi-gauge layouts, full map descriptions and more. This screen has room to spare – so no need to run back to your laptop

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 11.56.32 AMCustomizable multi-gauge display

Want gauges? No problem. The V3 now supports up to 6 fully customizable gauges with 1/1000 resolution. Monitor all the parameters you want to see and customize each layout for street, strip or track.

In vehicle mount, with on/off switch

There is nothing we like more to see than an AP peeking over the dash. With the on/off button and using the included universal mount or vehicle specific options, there is no reason not to run your AP in-vehicle.

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 11.56.42 AMFaster and easier to use with a familiar face

We listened to what you wanted. Use your same maps, monitor your same parameters, and troubleshoot your same codes, but now with more. More speed, more memory, more map storage, more live gauges, and more troubleshooting help.

Interchangeable faceplates

Is it your Accessport or our Accessport? It’s yours. Customize it as you see fit. The new V3 comes with 2 interchangeable bezels, blue and grey, or put your own touches on one. Our favorite is the chrome one installed in our GT-R.Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 11.57.02 AM


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Damper Basics :: “Good to Know”


What shock absorbers are for


Shock absorbers slow down the vibrations generated by wheels, axles and the chassis. Therefore, the technically correct name is vibration damper.
When driving over an uneven surface, the shock absorbers take up the impact of the shock. The damper then tries to transfer the incoming energy. In a short time span, these continuing shocks lead to a vibration. These movements are then transferred to the shock absorber by the piston rod. Thereby, the kinetic energy is transformed into heat by hydraulic resistance in the shock absorber valves. Therefore the vibrations are reduced to a minimum and can hardly be sensed.

An intact shock absorber offers driving comfort and safety and prevents:

  • Rocking when driving over continuously uneven surfaces
  • Pitching or strong dipping during acceleration and braking
  • Spinning wheels
  • Swerving out of control while breaking
  • Sliding when cornering with minimal traction

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Mishimoto goes Diesel!!!


Mishimoto offers a full line of performance cooling products for your Chevy diesel or gas truck. Our performance products offer the dependability that every driver needs to stay on the road and keep going strong. We’re proud to offer intercoolers, intercooler kits, intercooler pipe and boot kits, performance aluminum radiators, silicone coolant hoses, and factory-fit boot kits featuring DuraCore™ technology. Our products are built to last – just like your diesel. Mishimoto’s diesel products efficiently reduce EGTs and support optimal engine temperatures, and they are designed and engineered to be a direct fit with no modifications needed. Mishimoto offers a no-questions-asked Lifetime Warranty on all our products.

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Enoes Oil – “Word on the Street”

eneos Eneos Oil –

The number 1 seller in Japan – Hands down one of our favorite products/oils we love pushing. From 0w50 all the way to 75w90.

Eneos 5W30 Synthetic Motor Oil is a high-performance gasoline engine oil that meets the latest SM standard established by the American Petroleum Institute (API). With a viscosity grade of 5W-30, it has been specially designed for good engine starts and good oil-film protection of moving components of the engine at high temperatures. This motor oil brings out the best performance from all types of gasoline-engine vehicles.

Here is some feed back from users out there…

FWIW, this ENEOS oil is run in the BAR Honda F1 race car. ENEOS is engine builders Cosworth approved oil. The same technology is used in the street oils like the 0W50. Last I heard, this EXACT same oil was used in CART engines. No sure if they still are though. The higher the displacement, the more HP this oil seems to be making. I suspect this would make similar HP gains to the EVO shop car on some of the big HP cars here. And what’s cool about ENEOS, is the would give a sample to test here at SF for some of the cars. This oil is no joke. It has great sheer numbers too…which turbo cars require. This is the #1 selling performance synthetic in Japan, and is the recommended oil for ultra-high performance cars there. NSX, Skyline, Supra, etc… If you think this is “snake-oil”, do your own research. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It FINALLY just starting to make it’s way stateside.

OH…and BTW…guess who does ALL of Toyotas OEM oil formulations for their cars? Who does their advanced lubricant R&D? WHo is working in partnership with Toyota to make a new biodiesel? Yep…the same company who makes ENEOS. Nippon Oil Company (NOC). The largest Asian oil company.

Quote from RRocket @ Supra forums


SONY DSCI’ve been running the Eneos 0-50 in all the race cars for a while with real good results. We lost a bearing a long time ago running IIRC it was Royal Purple. I run the 5w30 eneos in my truck. Seems to run well. The 0w50 is supposed to offer lower oil temps in extreme conditions and running it in the focus race car it stayed together for 2 45min races with the oil temp guage barried. Pulled the motor apart and it looked surprisingly good.

Quote from Maitlandimports @ NorthAmericaMotoring