The Return of ARC

So as most of you know ARC closed down a few years back (ARC Files for Bankruptcy). After some hints and clues the JDM poster-boy has returned. This time around focusing on the Scion FR-S / Toyota 86. Here are a few of their new products:

ARC Induction Box

It looks pretty and works great. It was designed to beef up the low-to-mid RPM range. It does not come with the aluminum piping shown.


Part Number: 1T401-AA001

MSRP: $950

arcintakebrz arcintakebrzdyno arcintakebrzengine



ARC Oil Catch Tank

More engine bay bling, but like everything it serves a purpose. Help keep your oil clean and catch all the gunk that may be building up, just remember to empty it periodically!

Model: TOYOTA 86 (ZN6)

Part Number: A1T401-AA010

MSRP: $560



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