Swift Spring Review located at MaxRev.Net

Source Found on :: MaxRev.net

Vehicle:: S2000

Subject:: Swift Spring upgrade on Tein Coilovers


Green Tein (58mm ID, 150mm 16kg) vs Blue Swift (60mm ID, 160mm, xxkg)

Its been about a year and a half since I installed my Tein Super Racing Dampers (SRC Review) and I decided to take them off the car and clean off the dirt that has accumulated. . Since they were going to be off the car, I ordered some springs from Evasive (Swift Spring Order Link) to test some stiffer spring rates for the summer / fall track season.

Why Swift? Well Swift has a good reputation for manufacturing springs that has a linear rate though its compression. I was also able to order then locally and the lead-time was not a issue.



Installation is not too difficult. You just need to carefully disassemble the coilovers using hand tools. I don’t really like to use power tool to take off the top nut of the shocks as it could damage the piston seals.




Impression: It took me a week to set the right amount of preload on the car but everything is working well with out any issues. I would describe these springs as “Compliant, almost bordering on “Hyper Active” but in a positive way. The springs are very compliant in a way that a driver can easily transfer weight on the springs. The springs are very “Gentle” in the way it feels through out its compression. I would suspect that these springs are easier to drive over surface irregularities and will offer driver less driver fatigue when compared to other springs with the same rate. Its interesting to see how the springs make such a big difference in how the suspension feels.


Note: I will update this review once I track my S2000.







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