R&D: Beatrush Intake Kit – FR-S/BRZ

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!!!

With that out of the way I can keep you guys up to date with new developments at HQ Laile, better known as Beatrush.

As most of you have noticed, the newest kids on the block are the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. Beatrush has been developing many performance upgrades for the hachi-roku and have just updated us on their new intake kit. Nothing is set in stone at the moment but figures are looking at about a 10 HP gain without a tune on the stock ECU. Their design focuses on a bare race inspired system, which focuses primarily on function.


Let us know what you think.




2 thoughts on “R&D: Beatrush Intake Kit – FR-S/BRZ

  1. Jesse says:

    I see some other goodies in that picture as well! looks like a beatrush oil cooler, and an oil cap that has a built in oil catch can? awesome stuff! any eta on availability?


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