Honda S2000 CR with Volk’s C345 Ultralight

Clean, subtle, and best of all meaty!!  We love to see a mix of cars in this industry and with all type of styles as long as they’re tastefully & rightfully done.  But once in a while is nice to see a performance car that just screams “Drive Me Like You Stole Me!”  And, this S2000 CR does just that!

It’s one hell of a badass RWD car and a rarity edition among its class.  Not much can be said about the car (secret), except for the obvious that it’s seating on some meaty tires with super lightweight Volk C345 17″ wheels, with a performance oriented drop, and best of all…. supplied by yours truly. 😉

Enough talk.  Enjoy!  (^ – ^) Y

volk c345 s2000 cr

volk c345 s2000

volk c345 ultralight




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