Goodbye GoPro….Hello New BulletHD Pro 1080

GoPro camera has revolutionized the way we view & represent extreme sports since it release in 2004.
Everyone from surfers to cyclists, to race-car drivers and all- around adventurers have taken to the device as the go-to camera for that hard-to-get shot.

They are currently the leaders in its industry with little to no competition. But one company is hoping to change that, with a better technology and a sleeker design.

BulletHD, have just launched their new mountable camera that they hope will give GoPro a run for their money.

The BulletHD Pro 1080 cost $250 and it includes everything you need to make that impossible video possible. The Bullet HD Pro 1080 Sports Camera is a revolutionary 12 Megapixel HD high speed camera that shoots at a 60 frames per second. With a sealed & light aluminum body, it performs great on all types of weather and condition. And it’s aerodynamically advanced compare to the competition, making a great alternative to more expensive camera/s that do much less.

In addition, the Bullet camcorder has an advanced video noise reduction system to help maintain clear, low noise images, even in reduced lighting situations. The Bullet camcorder comes with a water resistant Sound Cap, mount adapter, and strap mount for portability and flexibility. Additional adhesive mounts, charger, and USB cable also included.

We will soon be receiving one to do some testing of our own.  In the meanwhile you can view some videos to judge for yourself or try it yourself:

BulletHD Pro 1080 Sports Camera



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