Formula Drift: West Palm Beach Florida – HTN iPhone Coverage

Formula Drift Recap

Date: June 2nd 2012

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Coverage: Heel Toe Nation

Formula Drift 2012 in a nut shell was a combination of rain, sweat, heat and tears. 2nd year running for the HTN Team here in Florida and we had a blast. Many new Vendors consumed the grounds this year at PBIR (Palm Beach International Raceway).


Keep Drifting Fun, HellaFlush, Highway Star Garage, State of Stance, Falken Tires, NOS energy drink, Hankook, Enjuku and many more posted up at  PBIR despite the hell bounding weather we all had to endure at West Palm Beach. From flood watches to  heat waves Formula Drift at West Palm was one of a kind.

(Winner: Daigo aka The Smoke Machine)


(Left: Matt Powers)  (Middle: Matt Powers)  (Right: Walker Wilkerson)


There was never a dull moment at FD. Every time you turned your cheek another infamous drift celeb would be posing for the next IG or Facebook post. HTN’s favorite Walker Wilkerson wasn’t afraid to smile at the camera as his brother Abbitt (aka AWFilms) was out and about looking for the next big feature in his AWFilms.



    Great national teams such as Team Solo, Team Emotion, State of Stance, Highway Star Garage; to name the few, took home some great rewards given by the Slammed Society.


In two days the bond between tuners and society show goers grew in one accord. The passion between parked hard and tuner kings/queens showed no difference as the love of tuning was in the eyes of all Formula Drift fans. I myself thought that the idea of being the new age tuner was a thing of the past. I come to realize its only just begun.

Great inspirations such as Keep Drifting Fun, HellaFlush, State of Stance, just to name the few, show great prospects for the future of a tuners life. I am excited to see what this new fad will bring.



Keep in mind HTN fans, we still need to share you the full coverage covered by the very own Jessica Perez. We will keep you posted on the final touches. Please follow us on FB/IG/Tumblr for more updates.  –  IG. Heeltoenation  –  –

Stay Tuned for more special edited photos from your friends at Heel Toe Nation.






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