Toyota 86… Subaru BRZ… Scion FR-S

Since no one can get enough on the new Toyobaru I started doing a little research and found some good sites for reference:

KamiSpeed¬†– for the junkie that needs his fix ūüôā

FT-86 club Рfor the troller in everyone

BRZ Forum¬†– for the hard core “I have a BRZ not FR-S” enthusiast

Concept 86 Рfor the updates and pretty pictures

Toyobaru – for the one that needs to have more forums to troll on

BRZ Club – for the omnipotent “I troll in more forums than you” BRZ owner

Fast 86 – for the “I need more¬†information”¬†enthusiast


Road to Formula Drift…. HTN style! ^_^

June: 2012

Formula Drift:


Getting ready at the front line… what a sexy silvia





Baller Ruckus Crew.

My God your sexy hiding in that shade.

Baller Uras kit rocking the Volks. YUM!

V2Lab stopping by.

V2Lab dumped.

Keep Drifting Fun, enough said!

Daigo getting track ready!

Lets go drifting!!!!

240 getting nasty!!

Drift -O!!!!


Aftermarket Lug Nuts for OEM Wheels

As of recently, one of our most popular items have been the Wheel Mate Lug Nuts for OEM Wheels. These come in 3 standard colors (black, red, & blue) and occasional special release runs(green and purple). Yet unlike most aftermarket lug nuts that come with tapered ends, these lugs come with rounded flat ends to work perfectly on OEM wheels.

At 40$ a set it would be ridiculous if you didn’t consider these as one of your first mods. At the moment they only come in a 12×1.5 pitch, which covers Honda, Toyota, Mazda, and Mitsubishi. ¬†Tanks to Ken and his CR-Z for the pictures, check it out for yourself and let us know what you think:

Aftermarket Lug Nuts for OEM Wheels

C-West Beefs up the GT-R R35 Front Fenders

After the announcement of the Cyber Evo’s replacement, the Cyber GT-R, C-West began developing all the aerodynamic goodies expected of a full fledged racekor. Among the first developments was C-West’s new 10mm Front Fenders. These babies come ready in either FRP or CFRP and they even keep full use of the fender emblems. If you plan on tracking your GT-R or just want to fit wider tires (285 tires fit comfortably using oem specs, so imagine what you can fit with some play) this is definitely an upgrade you need.

Check it out:

Goodbye GoPro….Hello New BulletHD Pro 1080

GoPro camera has revolutionized the way we view & represent extreme sports since it release in 2004.
Everyone from surfers to cyclists, to race-car drivers and all- around adventurers have taken to the device as the go-to camera for that hard-to-get shot.

They are currently the leaders in its industry with little to no competition. But one company is hoping to change that, with a better technology and a sleeker design.

BulletHD, have just launched their new mountable camera that they hope will give GoPro a run for their money.

The BulletHD Pro 1080 cost $250 and Continue reading