BRZ Sounds an Awful Lot Like CR-Z

So after some time we finally get some real pictures of the Subaru BRZ concept (not that invisible shell stunt they pulled earlier this year). Anyways before I start I’d like to say I really like the car, and I like that Subaru is trying something different. There are just a few things that I’m curious about and I would like to address:

1. BRZ is a crappy name, it sounds too much like CR-Z and doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely.

2. Not to be mean but is it just me or does this car seem to have stolen design ideas from other companies? (EvoX-esk headlights, Camaro/Audi like rear tail lights, overall Supra-esk body shape?)

3. Subaru please don’t limit it to just RWD, how long has it been since we had a true Japanese perfromance AWD coupe ? Viable to us normal people not on a Super Car level (GT-R doesn’t count). I’m talking Celica GT-Four Status.

Hopefully the Gods of Subaru hear this plea and make a few minor changes and add more options. Till then look at some pictures on the next page.



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