WedsSports N-Frame Technology

A lot of people have asked how WedsSports was able to make a Cast wheel as light as a Forged wheel and still maintain it’s strength. Well aside from their use of AMF technology (click here for more info), WedsSports uses what they call N-Frame Technology. It’s that little lip on the spokes that most see as aesthetic appeal, but without that little piece the TC105N wheel wouldn’t be as strong as it is. For a complete explanation check out this little image.

WedsSports N-Frame Technology is directly extracted from our motor sports racing program. The N-Frame technology provides our TC105N wheel with the strength, weight, and durability that is demanded by motor sports racing. The background of the N-Frame design was never intended for looks, unlike the many other so called “racing sports” look wheels on the market.

The N-Frame concept is a spedific engineering aptitude. Requiring an in-depth understanding of material properties, geometry, and manufacturing techniques. Each rim size and rim face with the N-Frame is strategically designed to increase the rim strength and thus its performance.



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