Shannon Shuttleworth: Midnight Motorsports Queen

Hailing from the Carolinas, I present to you a beautiful model and the official promoter of the Midnight Motorsports Team. Established in 2008 the team has 5 strong member and one knockout model; they are attempting to widen their scope and get a little more exposure in the Tuner scene. We’ll bring you more on the cars but for now enjoy miss Shannon Shuttleworth.

Age: 23
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5’10”
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Half Korean (and Half White?)
Favorite Movie: Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
Favorite Book: Can’t pick one… the entire Harry Potter Series (don’t judge :P)
Favorite Sport: Basketball, I gotta love my Celtics (boooooo go Magic)
Number of Tattoos: 13 (can spot all 13 haha)
Number of Piercings: 9 (question is where…)

How did you get into the import scene? It was really a combination of having an import loving photographer as a roommate and my general fondness for modeling. It all just kind of fell in place.

What do you drive? Currently I have a 2001 Honda Accord and a 1998 Honda Prelude SH.

Oh Honda Girl I see… Do you work on them yourself? At the moment I just get to sit back and watch. Since I’m new to all of this I still have a lot to learn. It’s a slow but fun process.

So how long have you been modeling? About a year.

We kind of already answered this, but why automotive modeling? Why not? haha Hot guys, fast cars, beautiful women…enough said!

I coundn’t have said it any better 🙂 So what are your plans for modeling? I hope to turn this into my career. It’s a very arduous process but well worth it.

Ok so I assume modeling is your career, nothing else up your sleeve? Hell no! lol. I just have a measly counter job at a bowling center. Not the most interesting thing but it pays the bills.

True Dat… So tell us a little something about yourself 🙂 For being southern born and raised, I have a very northern attitude. I don’t take shit from people and am extremely blunt. Some people don’t care for it but it’s who I am. Take it or leave it. 😉

Straight and to the point, turn ons? HONESTY; confidence, not to be confused with being cocky, and  stability

And turn offs? cockyness, beer bellies, and back hair (bleh)

Hmm so Top or Bottom? TOP 😉

Ok ok I like the way you’re answering these, tell us what you look for in a guy? You’ve got to be able to make me laugh. That is key. Also, I’m very independent so understand that I don’t need you to buy me shit all the time. I’m a big girl. I’m a tall gal so in turn I need a tall man. I like to cook so a guy with an appetite is important but if you can cook thats a huge plus!  And I want someone who can be my best friend.

I can cook haha, so what does that mean taken or single? Sorry boys, I’ve got a fantastic boyfriend.

Booo but fine, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. (more pictures on page 2)



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