APD Acura TSX: Introducing the Honda Racing Line

Before I begin I would like to thank Jonathan Donner for taking the time to talk with me and give us a little insight into the APD MotorSports Program, and their affiliates: Honda Performance Development Inc.(HPD) and MotoIQ.


APD Motorsports is a Team based out of North Carolina whose members have extensive experience in Drag Racing, SCCA, and GRAND-AM Road Racing. At the moment they are running two Honda Drag Cars (an H22-powered PRO FWD Honda Accord and a D Series-powered Honda Civic) and an Acura Time Attack Car (a K24-powered TSX competing in MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships – the topic of this article). Thanks to their close connections with HPD, this team has been chosen to spread the word on the Honda Racing Line to Honda/Acura drag and “time attack” racers across the United States.

So what is this Honda Racing Line? The Honda Racing Line under HPD was created as a support program for Honda and Acura Racer Teams in all forms of MotorSports. They provide easy access to Honda oem and performance parts, while providing unmatched technical support. Once in the program you are connected with to a huge Honda database providing specs, help, and advice from Honda specialists. It’s actually a pity some of the parts they offer are only avaiable for Race Teams, check out their link: http://racing.honda.com/hpd/

Now for some lovely Acura TSX car porn 🙂


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