Let’s Talk New Rays Race Lugs



Why? Because RACECAR

Lately it seems like Nissan is the only Japanese Automaker rolling out cars for the tuner comunity and race inclined. Not that Mitsubishi, Subaru, or Honda don’t have merit, but when was the last time those companies released a special edition or race specific model… Nissan on the other hand seems to be pushing out the Nismo edition after Nismo edition, even the fact that they’ve released the GT-R stateside is a big step. Now they decided to one up the Nismo 370Z and release a special edition competition spec 370Z Nismo RC. It won’t be street legal but that’s fine, it’s nice that they’re releasing special editions and competition use only vehicles. Check out some more pictures and a the full press release with specs on the next page.


Shannon Shuttleworth: Midnight Motorsports Queen

Hailing from the Carolinas, I present to you a beautiful model and the official promoter of the Midnight Motorsports Team. Established in 2008 the team has 5 strong member and one knockout model; they are attempting to widen their scope and get a little more exposure in the Tuner scene. We’ll bring you more on the cars but for now enjoy miss Shannon Shuttleworth.

Age: 23
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5’10”
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Half Korean (and Half White?)
Favorite Movie: Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
Favorite Book: Can’t pick one… the entire Harry Potter Series (don’t judge :P)
Favorite Sport: Basketball, I gotta love my Celtics (boooooo go Magic)
Number of Tattoos: 13 (can spot all 13 haha)
Number of Piercings: 9 (question is where…)

How did you get into the import scene? It was really a combination of having an import loving photographer as a roommate and my general fondness for modeling. It all just kind of fell in place.

What do you drive? Currently I have a 2001 Honda Accord and a 1998 Honda Prelude SH.

Oh Honda Girl I see… Do you work on them yourself? At the moment I just get to sit back and watch. Since I’m new to all of this I still have a lot to learn. It’s a slow but fun process.

So how long have you been modeling? About a year.

We kind of already answered this, but why automotive modeling? Why not? haha Hot guys, fast cars, beautiful women…enough said!

I coundn’t have said it any better 🙂 So what are your plans for modeling? I hope to turn this into my career. It’s a very arduous process but well worth it.

Ok so I assume modeling is your career, nothing else up your sleeve? Hell no! lol. I just have a measly counter job at a bowling center. Not the most interesting thing but it pays the bills.

True Dat… So tell us a little something about yourself 🙂 For being southern born and raised, I have a very northern attitude. I don’t take shit from people and am extremely blunt. Some people don’t care for it but it’s who I am. Take it or leave it. 😉

Straight and to the point, turn ons? HONESTY; confidence, not to be confused with being cocky, and  stability

And turn offs? cockyness, beer bellies, and back hair (bleh)

Hmm so Top or Bottom? TOP 😉

Ok ok I like the way you’re answering these, tell us what you look for in a guy? You’ve got to be able to make me laugh. That is key. Also, I’m very independent so understand that I don’t need you to buy me shit all the time. I’m a big girl. I’m a tall gal so in turn I need a tall man. I like to cook so a guy with an appetite is important but if you can cook thats a huge plus!  And I want someone who can be my best friend.

I can cook haha, so what does that mean taken or single? Sorry boys, I’ve got a fantastic boyfriend.

Booo but fine, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. (more pictures on page 2)


BMW x SA-55M

BMW E92 on 19” WedsSport SA55M staggered setup:

Front:    19 X 9.5 +24 MGM       Weighs = 21.86 lbs

Rear:     19 X 10.5 +24 MGM     Weighs = 21.95 lbs

 These wheels look a whole lot better on the E92 than I expected. Not that I don’t think they’re beautiful wheels, but I just couldn’t imagine them flowing well with a Bimmer. Haha wasn’t I wrong. 


Instagram Exploration

This is basically the last of a legend. Seems like Super Advan Racing Wheels Ver. 2 will be discontinued, with the exception of what is in-stock. It’s sad to see a legend go, especially with all the history these wheels have, but who knows. Maybe Version 3 is on the way.

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