TPMS Acting Up?

So I’ve seen this before but I had to re-post it.  These days it seems like every car has TPMS sensors.  And if you’ve ever replaced your wheels you know the pain of finding tpms compatible wheels and making sure the sensors don’t set off that warning light in your dash, etc etc (ok maybe its not that bad but still).  Well low and behold, there is now a great solution (I don’t recommend anyone try this at home).

The one and only TPMS Pipe Bomb:

1.Basically, using some PVC piping you make a canister type thing where you put all your TPMS sensors.
2.You then seal it shut (has be be air tight and able to withstand 30+ psi) and screw on an air valve.
3.Then you fill it with the desired pressure and kaplow TPMS sensors are tricked and no more annoying warning light (don’t forget to keep it in the car though).
4.You can also paint it to make it look sweet like the one above.



DIY – TPMS Soultion


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