New Products – 8/12

Every Two weeks we take a look at what’s new in the market. These two weeks were a bit slow but quality is definitely still present. Check them out


Here begins the myriad of new CR-Z parts. BeatRush attacks the problem with a rally performance point of view, thus they begin with an underpanel and chassis reinforcement. Click the link to see more details of the Beatrush CR-Z lineup: Laile – CR-Z

J’s Racing

Support for the Honda CR-Z is apparent… Similar to Spoon, J’s Racing adapted the Showa shocks with custom springs. This setup is set to perform in style, providing a good medium of comfort and performance. Click the link to see more info: J’s Racing – CR-Z


Trust Japan, or Greddy just released a high performance oil pan for the Z34. Not an exciting and revolutionary part, but it seems to be one of the few out there and a good oil pan is always vital. The Specs are all in Japanese so hopefully Greddy will have it out here. Click the link to see the Trust Japan Site: Trust Japan


After the great success of the KICS Project Leggdura Series Lugnuts, KYO-EI has decided to take the same design and shrink it. This compact series might not work well on a GT-R, but for those eco-friendly compact car drivers this is the lugnuts for you. For more information click this link: Leggdura Racing Compact Series Lug-Nuts


I’m pretty sure this isn’t new, but Spoon put up official specs and pricing for the F20, F22, B16, and B18 engines. Each engine has a list of specs, including the specific vehicle the engine was made for, bore, and compression ratio. Most Honda guys already knew this but it’s always nice to have more info. For more information click this link: F20C/F22C and B16B/B18C




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