Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Bags

Carbon Fiber: the material that has revolutionized mechanical ingenuity in the automotive industry has a new use, Hand Bags. Lamborghini claims to be the first in using raw carbon fiber weaves to create a new line of luxury bags. The collection has three variants; a soft travel duffel, a messenger bag, and an envelope-style satchel. There is however one catch, the bags range from a pricey $1200 to an escalated $2100. For that price you can buy a high quality full carbon hood, but then again these ARE luxurious Lamborghini Carbon Fiber bags. Extravagance at it’s best.



Lamborghini Store


Forza + Halo + Top Gear

The upcoming release for Forza 4 is taking some interesting steps in advertisement. Instead of boasting the best automotive simulator (Gran Tourismo 5 owns that hands down), Forza 4 for the xbox begins to exploit a larger fan base through affiliations with Halo and now Top Gear. I’m not sure how the Warthog will fit into races… personally I imagine the Stig manning the drivers seat as Master Chief takes out opposing enemies on the turret (a match made in heaven), but that’s just me.




Voztec Helmets

Helmet Technology has had little innovation in years. Snell provides certification every 5 years, but that has more impact on safety innovation rather than helmet technology. Voztec plans on changing that through the design of a helmet that “cracks-open” per say. It also works well for injured drivers who don’t have to wedge off their helmets and risk more damage. Check it out, hopefully it gets the green light for production.

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Tom Cruise is One Lucky SOB


New Products – 8/26

Every Two weeks we take a look at what’s new in the market. Here’s some more new goodies:


I begin with the AEM Cold Air Intake for the 2010+ Mitsubishi Ralliart. This system replaces the OEM box with an AEM box and is a cold air system in the sense that the oem piping routes cold air to the AEM box. Like always it adds almost 17hp but of course with the right tune and such… regardless check out the link: 21-698C


Haven’t heard much from the former Japanese powerhouse that is Blitz. It seems like they’re doing perfectly fine in Japan so all is well. I haven’t seen much from them so when they decided to release a Blitz towel and measure take I said why not. Click the link to see the PDF file: Blitz Japan

Redline Track Events Canceled for 2011

Effective immediately, Redline Track Events (same people as Redline Time Attack) will be canceling all the events on the 2011 schedule. What does that mean? Truthfully we don’t know, but according to RLTA, they’re using this period to re-organize and come back harder than ever. We’ll have to patiently wait for the 2012 season I suppose. In the mean time we’ll be scheming… >=D

Over the last 22 months RLTA, LLC has worked hard to bring quality professional motorsport events to the Import Tuner and GT racing world. RLTA, LLC introduced new series in 2011 and partnered with new racing groups. Even with tremendous investment, for a variety of reasons RLTA,LLC events have not met expectations. It is clear that RLTA,LLC needs to reorganize and make some hard business decisions in order to continue to bring exciting motorsport programs to our participants and fans.

In order to better place ourselves to strategically work with new partners in 2012 we have decided to cancel the remaining events on our 2011 schedule.

We truly appreciate the support we have received from our racers, fans, and sponsors over the last 2 seasons. Look for exciting announcements to come in the next few months as we develop our 2012 program.



Redline Track Events