New in Tuner Land

New Products for all needs and wants. Wanna be cool? Buy one of these products đŸ˜›


Laile initially released some prototypes in 5 finishes. After some deliberation they decided to mass produce 5 different finishes (removing black and adding gold). These are 45mm in diameter and available for all major Japanese brands, though prices are not out yet. For more information click this link: Beatrush Shift Knobs


Cusco released some coilover upgrades for competition and a set of entry level ones for the new Nissan Juke. They also introduces some much needed sway bars for the evo X.


Shown on the Right in the image, these special edition Enkeis have yet to be released. They will only come in 17×9, but will have three available offsets (+60, +48, +35) specifically for the S2000, GDB, and Evo. It also seems that they will have 3 available finishes. For more information click this link: Enkei PF01SS


After a long awaited time K&N finally released something more than a filter for the Honda CR-Z. While it’s no cold air intake, reviews coming in already claim a power gain and increased MPG. For more information click this link: 69 Series Typhoon Kit – Honda CR-Z

M&M Honda

I haven’t seen a whole lot for the FD2. I’m not sure I like all of it, though I think it has a lot of potential, especially if you play with paint. For more information click this link: M&M Honda Civic FD2


Mishimoto silicon air intake hoses for the 370Z: with proper tuning and filters can provide the best bang of the buck (in terms of intakes). Cobb did it, HPS did it, and now Mishimoto joined the club. They are also looking for a 370Z in their area to test these on (they’re that new). Contact Mishimoto directly if you’re interested: Mishimoto – 370Z

RE Amemiya

I don’t even know what to call this… its a support for the back of the wheel hub or something like that. Check out this image I had to find on google, it’ll help clear things up and it makes sense ( Anyways it’s awesome and only for the RX-8 and RX-7. Check out the their page for more info: Reinforcement Knuckle Bar


Spoon took a while to release major suspension upgrades for the CR-Z. After some wait, they released shocks, springs, and sway bar. Click the links for more info: Fr. Sway Shocks and Springs


This is something I personally enjoy. Tom’s Japan, master Toyota and Lexus tuner, is releasing a melee of new products for the Lexus CT200h. Yea you know the cool looking 5-door Lexus hybrid. Well for know its chassis reinforcement, but don’t be surprised if they do the full package on this tiny Lexus. More info click here: Tom’s CT200h



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