Queen of July: Ashley Pitts

Queen: Ashley Pitts

July Feature *Rock Star Edition*

Rarely do we stumble upon such a beautiful woman… especially one that’s a mother or with some badass ink (talk about MILF). Well I won’t keep much more of your time, enjoy and make sure to show Ashley love by liking the page or leaving her a comment.

1. SO… Lets start simple! What’s your Favorite Hobby?

A. It’s hard to pick my favorite hobby becasue I have two: doing nails and doing makeup too.

2. Whats the Last Movie you saw? And what did you think of it?

A. Transformers 3…. it was amazing!!!! I loved all the cars they used this time around.

3. What do you drive?

A. Acura TL

4. Have you ever worked on car?

A. Yea, growing up I had to help my dad but when I was 16 he bought me a Dodge Stealth and we had to take out the catalytic converter it was alot of fun!

5. So what about Modeling, have you ever done anything like this before?

A.Actually yes, I’ve been modeling on and off about 4 years now.

6. So you see yourself doing this again… what about in long term?

A. Hell yes I’m going to model as long as my beauty allows me too.



7. Do you have any other profession besides modeling?

A.I’m already a licensed nail tech so hopefull makeup and hair soon…

8. Whats your Weakness/Softspot?!

A. My softspot has to be my daughter she’s me everything.

9. You have a daughter?! Wow didn’t expect that… anywho lets make this a little more interesting, Top or Bottom?

A. hmmmm… lets see, can I say neither because I like a different positions? lol

10. Favorite Car?

A. Acura TL Type S

11. Favorite Tool?

A. Impact Wrench 😉

12. What’s your favorite sport to watch?

A. College Football


13. Can you tell us an interesting fact about youself?

A. I’m a book nerd and no one ever guess that I am.

14. Whats the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

A. Lets see, I dont really know about the craziest… everything I do tends to be pretty crazy 😉

15. Major Turn-ons?

A. Turns on would have to be someones smile, eyes, a sense of style (they have to dress nicely), but most of all their personality…  oh and of course the ability to hold a converstaiong with me.

16. Turn-offs?

A. Picking your nose, not being very polite, and being generally dirty. It’s the usual for a girl I would say… sorry.




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