New Product fo You!!!

It’s been a little slow these past few weeks with new product releases. Luckily for you everyone decided to release new products in the past few days. So where is a quick list of whats hot :).


Some new goodies: “Smart Cross” Wench, Racing Guages and Chassis Reinforcement galore for the FD2.



IS250/350 Body Kit (Front Bumper, Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, Front Air Duct, Rear Wing, Cooling Hood)



Kyo-Ei is the master nut maker in Japan, making most major nuts that wheel companies sell here. With such knowledge they decided to make the ultimate racing nut… long, un-breakable, and black (excuse all the sexual innuendoes). Anywho, for those who are serious about racing, these won’t fail on you.



Mine’s has been primarily focused on the GT-R R35 since it was released, doing everything from performance to aesthetics. Well here’s another goodie, a CF Grill for the GT-R R35 To-Die-For. Not only is it useful, but its incredibly well crafted.



Pretty self explanatory… The shift knob is basically universal since it comes with 4 different inserts to thread on.



Not really a new product, but Weds released a new Website for their WedsSports line. Its similar to the Weds North America Site but makes it a lot easier to find all things related to WedsSports, including Race Results and a Gallery. Check it out:


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