Queen of May: Lauren Padilla

Welcome Back Kami Fans!!!

HEEL-Toe-Nation bringing you Tuner Queen of May……. Lauren Padilla!

Not your everyday tuner girl, Lauren is a VERY strong Honda enthusiast.

Basic Info:

Age: 22 years young

Height: 5 foot even! (LOL)

Ethnic Background: Half Mexican-Half Polish

Quote from Lauren: Don’t let this photo shoot fool you, I am a walking disaster. I drop things, loose everything, break anything I touch, and trip over my small feet. At the end of the day I wouldn’t have it any other way because it makes me… well, Human.

KS: SO Lets start with the Typical Questions 🙂 What’s your Favorite Hobby?

Model: It’s a toss between cooking and doing makeup (other’s as well, not just on myself).

KS: Whats the last movie you watched? And what did you think of it?

Model: Sounds typical, but Fast 5 was my last movie. I loved it and I’m not surprised there’s going to be another one with the way they ended it.

KS: SOOOO, we heard your into cars! What do you drive?

Model: An EJ6 or more commonly known as an EK hatch.

KS: Have you ever worked on your car? And if so, what did you work on?

Model: I’ve worked on cars but nothing major. As a little girl I’d try to help my dad out with his hotrods. He had a 1957 Chevy Step side and (still) has a 1936 Ford Coupe. I also do minor things here and there to my EK. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. I’m no mechanic though but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to learn 🙂

KS: So about Modeling, have you ever done anything like this before?

Model: Actually not really. I’ve had one prior shoot to this before, for more of a personal use. I guess you can call me a “noob” haha.

KS: Do you see yourself doing this again? Or even in the long term?

Model: I can definitely see myself doing this more often if given the opportunity.

KS: Other then modeling, what profession do you see yourself getting into?

Model: Doing professional makeup and I really want to see myself being able to handle a car on the track. I got a long way to go for both.

KS: Whats your Weakness/Softspot?!

Model: Animals hands down

KS: Random Q! Top or Bottom?!

Model: Oh my… hmm let’s just say I don’t like to be restricted to one thing.

KS: Favorite Car/Make/Model/Motor!?

Model: EK hatch and B-series, I’ve seen people do amazing things with them.

KS: Favorite Tool?!

Model: Impact wrench.

Thank You Lauren for a wonderfully great shoot. Can’t wait to work with you again. Thank You Kami Fans for Tuning In. See you next month with your new Queen.

Don’t Forget to leave some LOVE!

Group: Heel-Toe-Nation

Photographer: Jessica Perez


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