Inside Formula D – Part 1 :: Welcome to Palm Beach

Good Afternoon Kami Fans!

Heel-Toe-Nation here, guiding you through the our Formula Drift Coverage shot by our very own Jessica Perez. It was a super hot day in sunny Florida; talk about sunburns and TANS! Before we begin, we would like thank the Formula Drift Association for bringing such a thrilling and exciting event to the East Coast. We the Florida sun wasn’t too brutal and we hope you come back next year!!

Lets Start with the Photo’s:: (Click on the pictures to see better resolution)

Sexy RX-7 Drifting Sideways. Check out all the cameras clipped to the roof of the car, I would love to see those videos!!

Hella-Flush Dumped Honda S2000 from Team V2 Lab

VIP Status

Flat White Nissan 240 Hatch… Kind of close to the color I want, just with pearl! CLEAN!

Nissan 240 cooling off under a tent…. Getting ready for round two.

OMG! look at that stance!

Need to put some Camber on that bad boy!!

There are no words for this beauty….

Now thats a body wrap!! lol

I hope you are enjoying the pictures. I will continue to keep putting up more as we edit. Took over 1000 pics. You will see some more soon!!


8 thoughts on “Inside Formula D – Part 1 :: Welcome to Palm Beach

  1. Adam says:

    Sorry about the long uploads!! The pictures are too big it seems. We are going to resize them for you. Sorry for the inconcience. (they upload but it takes a min.)


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