“RONIN” of the Month – “Sugar-Kane”

Presenting to you the May Ronin, Enjoy!

HEEL-TOE-NATION: Introduces to you today; Justin Kane’s Nissan 240sx.

For those of you that have the privilege of knowing this individual, you would know he is anything but the traditional tuner. Kane has come along way from the Turbo Focus he previously owned. This man is unstoppable when it comes up to finding new toys to play with… Maybe some of you know Kane from his 600+ Horsepower Evo aka “The White Beast from Hell” tuned by Orlando’s own TTP. Or maybe you’ve seen him on the CFRC drift track with his 240. Regardless Kane is known around town for one reason or another for the high class cars he builds.
This freshly painted Coupe has been turning heads on the street, and luckily for us this is only the begining. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take any pictures of the engine bay or the interior… These areas are in the making so why spoil the final result? We just decided to keep it clean and simple.

You can find Kane hanging out on his boat, or drifting his 240 with his friends. This Beer Pong Champion is not shy of a challenge, so don’t be surprised if he out drifts you one day. More modifications to come; and when they do we will be here to post them, but for now enjoy this clean exterior.

I can’t wait to see what this Red Top Devil’s finished product will turn out to be. All I know is that at the moment it’s on the right track. From the time we shot the car to the last I heard of it, Kane was in the process of mounting some Bride Seats. Keep it clean Mr. Kane! We love the ride.



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