Senior Citizen Crashes into Lotus Dealership

I’m back… well I was never gone but I was busy, anywho I thought I’d come back with something light and funny.

A 92 year old lady driving a Toyota Camry confused the brake and accelerator pedal and had a funny little incident at the Lotus dealership. Luckily the Brand New Lotus Exige wasn’t severely hurt (calm down neither was the senior citizen) so all is well is Lotus-land. The dealership, located in Michigan, won’t be pressing charges against the old lady (awww how nice of them). While this is nice and funny, and all, I think it brings up a major topic that needs to be addressed. Should people this old be allowed to drive? hmmmmmm





6 thoughts on “Senior Citizen Crashes into Lotus Dealership

  1. adesso says:

    I think to say that everyone over a certain age shouldn’t be allowed to drive is a bit harsh. However, what I do think is fair is to have them test more often to renew their licenses. If they can’t pass the tests, take their license away. Of course, I’m also of the opinion that everyone should test more than they currently do… It seems people across all ages have gotten worse on the roads…


  2. Saku says:

    haha I just wanted to spark some conversation, I don’t think all senior citizens are unqualified I just think after a certain age another test should apply


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