Sexy Ass 240SX

So I came across these pictures and I couldn’t resist but repost them. No details on all the mods, but I know the following:

  • TE37 Mercury Silver (17×9 fr & 18×9.5 rr)
  • Cusco Roll Cage (Unless it’s not)
  • Bride Bucket (Zeta III me thinks)
  • Turbo Kit of some sort (intercooler in the front gives it away)

The man responsible is Damon Young, which if you search him up you’ll see his car has been through several changes… but this in my opinion is his sexiest look. Good Job. Oh and to the owner if you read this: hope we didn’t post something you didn’t want and feel free to contact me if you want it down.



New Product: Rays 17Hex Lock & Nut Set

New Lug Nuts from Rays Japan. The approach this time was not to focus on light lug nuts but rather a cheaper stronger design. These are a good alternative for people who want strong and cheap lug nuts and do not want to sacrifice quality. MSRP runs at $100 for chrome and $108 for black. Check them out at a speed shop near you 🙂

Rays 17Hex Lock & Nut Set

  • 16pcs Nut, 4pcs Lock Nut, 1 Adapter & 1 Lock Nut Key Adapter
  • Size: M12x1.5 & 12×1.25
  • Color: Black & Chrome
  • Made of SCM435 (Same material of SawBlades and Motorcycle Chains so it’s proven strong)
  • MSRP: $100 Chrome & $108 Black


RE30 Club Sport: More Pictures and Official Sizes

A few weeks ago I gave you guys a sneak peak at Volk’s new RE30 Club Sport, a continuation of the TE37 SL mentality. These new RE30 shed half a pound to maximize your performance (doesn’t sound like a lot but this makes an already super light wheel even lighter). Since the TE37 SL were targeted for larger supercar-esk vehicles (RWD & AWD — GT-R, Evo, STI), the RE30 Club Sport have aggressive fitment for more of a FWD & AWD market.

Not a lot of pictures on cars but some up close and detailed fun 🙂


“Ronin” of the Month – J.J. Padilla

Sorry for the late Ronin guys, better late than never, right?!… anyways to April’s Ronin 🙂

April Ronin: J.J. Padilla’s Nissan 240SX

Introducing an amazing “Ronin” this month, J.J. Padilla’s Nissan 240SX. As a long fan of the tuner scene, JJ has become one of the greatest tuners in Central Florida. For years he had a dream of building his perfect vehicle; needless to say he did. Presenting to the InsideKami Audience: a unique Nissan built for GODS.

And for those interested the car is up for sale. More details at the end of the Article.

OEM Specs:
1989 240SX Hardtop
Painted Aztec Red (1992 300ZX Color) w/ Gold and Silver Pearls
110k on the Chassis
5k on the Engine and Transmission (1993 240SX DOHC).


SuperTech 9:1 forged pistons (.89mm bore)
Crower Rods
Clevite Main and Rod Bearings
ARP Main Stud & Head Stud Kit
Cosmetic Head-Gasket
New OEM Timing Chain Assemblies
New OEM Gasket
SuperTech valves
SuperTech Dual Springs w/ Titanium Retainers
S13 Cams
O-ring Block Deck Surface
5 Angle Valve Job/Port & Polish

Garrett T04E 50 trim
AMS Tubular Bottom Mount T3 Manifold
TiAL 44mm Wastegate
Custom Wastegate Dumptube
Custom Down Pipe
JGS Oil Feed and Return
FMIC 24x12x3
Turbo XS Bov
Custom IC piping
Isis Straight 3” Dual exhaust

JGY Fuel Rail
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
75lb injectors
Aero motive FPR
300zx TT Fuel Filter
JGS Resistor pack
Fuel Pressure Gauge

Taylor Wires
MSD 6al
MSD Coil
Optima Battery
Summit battery box (relocated to rear)
Summit cut off switch (rear)

Koyo Radiator
Nismo Thermostat
Flex-A-Lite Fans
Blitz Radiator Cap
Power by Max Oil Cooler
Custom Power Steering Cooler

Stock KA Transmission
RB20/24 10Lbs XTD Flywheel
350z Competition Stage 4 clutch
Infiniti J30 VLSD
Fidanza Short Shifter

Enthalpy Rom Tune ECU
APEXi SAFC controller

BC Coilovers
Power by Max:
-Tension Rods
-Traction Rods
-Toe Rods
-Subframe collars
Tein Inner & Outter Rods
Nismo Steering Rack Bushings
Infiniti Q45 Front Brakes
Custom Power Steering Hard Line


MB Battles 17Ă—9.5 +17
Falken Azenis 225/45R17
Muteki Red Lug Nuts
Ichiba Front/Rear 5-Lug Conversion

Silvia S13 Front-End Conversion
Seibon OEM Carbon fiber Hood
Raceon-USA Carbon Fiber Front Lip
Nagisa Tow Hook
GTR style Front Grill

Bride Vios Bucket Seats
Mazworx 6 point Roll Cage
Corbeau Seat Rails
Takata 4-Point Harness
Personal Steering Wheel
NRG Short Hub
NRG 2.5 Quick Release
Rhino Interior Floor
Plastic OEM Dash Cover
Autometer Gauges (Boost, Oil Pressure, & Water Temperature)


The Car is up for Sale:

Q: How to Fit a Lamborghini in a Small Museum in Historic Rome

A: You build one on-site, Duh. Once again another example of an excuse to throwing money into a situation until it fixes the problem haha.
Anyways, this was one of the mant events held for the Lamborghini Aventador’s launch. I mean what better way to attract rich people than to spend a ridiculous amount of money to debut your new car. This monster was on display inside the “Chiostro del Bramante,” a contemporary art museum located in the historical center of Rome. As much as I’m hating I wish I was there -_-.
Anyways, enjoy the video. Its pretty cool and totally awesome.


Spoon’s Sadness

So we all know the effects of Tsunami in Japan. We’ve all been affected in one way or another. But the following pictures seem to have a greater effect on us here. Not only is it a shame but its just plain sad, oh Poor Spoon DC5… may your scrap metal go to a happy place.
For those who didn’t hear. One of the Race teams that ran the Spoon DC5 was up in Sendai. So like everything else the car got battered and obliterated, though it seems like someone might have looked the car for parts, most notably the wheels.

Spoon Sports