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Recently I ran a poll on Facebook asking which wheels were preferred by our customers. While I don’t want to argue with people’s opinions, I think Weds Wheels deserve a little more attention. The wheels have recently arrived in the US which explains the lack of knowledge so here I go trying to do a little education on the quality of Weds Wheels.

Let me know what you guys think and be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Also don’t forget to read the little section under the History of Weds, it explains a little about their AMF wheel technology.


Brief History of Weds

1965 – Founded in Osaka, Japan as Nippo Co. Ltd., the company supplied automotive accessories to Nissan Motor Sales Co. Ltd.

1969 – The company starts marketing “Elstar” custom wheels, manufactured by Central Motor Wheel Co. Ltd. in Western Japan. Central Motor Wheel Co. is still around and probably makes some of the stock wheels on your Toyota.

1973 – The company name is changed from Nippo Co. Ltd. to Weds Co. Ltd. With this change, the company created a wheel division and moved its HQ to Tokyo.

1977 – Weds starts marketing Japan’s first forged aluminum 3 piece wheel, the “Racing Forg.”

1978 – Weds starts marketing Japan’s first forged aluminum 1 piece wheel, the “Strato Forge.”

1980 – Weds contracts exclusively with Bertone of Italy for alloy wheels, steering wheels, and other accessories.

1981 – Weds starts marketing Weds Turbo Wheels in U.S. market.

1983 – Weds contracts exclusively with Jackie Stewart, a world class F-1 driver, for  Magnesium wheels, apparel, and other automotive accessories.

1984 – Weds Sport begins participating in motor-sports. Their first endeavorer came in the touring class using a Hachi Roku, though you can find them now competing in the Japanese GT300 class. For more info on Weds Racing you can visit their site.

1996 – Weds opens Car-land Baden, an automotive product and service store, in Anjo (near Nagoya, Japan). The store is equipped with 36 service bays and sufficent parking space for 300 vehicles.

1997 – Weds registered on the Over-The-Counter market of the Security Dealers Association of Japan (JASDAQ). For those who are unfamiliar, this is a similar stock exchange to that of the NASDAQ (there is no relations between the JASDAQ or NASDAQ).

1998 – Weds opens JMS (Carland Baden Store No. 2) in Hamamatsu, which is in the Shizuoka area.

2006 – Weds acquires the “Super Star Wheel” brand and their state-of-the-art 3 piece wheel manufacturing facility.

2008 – Opened Weds North America Inc. in Torrance, CA.


WedsSports AMF(Advanced Metal Forming) Wheel Technology

Differences between Cast, Forged, and AMF Wheels

  • Cast wheels are created by poring melted aluminum alloy into a mold. This allows the mold to have a high degree of design flexibility which in turn means a cheaper and easier way to make wheels. But because of this process, the metal shape often has uneven material characteristics (the wheel often has varying density) thus making it diffucult to form thin or lightweight wheels.
  • Forged wheels are created by using high pressure machinery to press alluminum alloy (or other materials) into the desired shape. This causes the wheel to have an even strength since the material density is the same thought the wheel. Because of this even dense material property, the wheels car be made thiner and thus lighter. However, the forging process takes a lot of expensive machinery and work, thus making forged wheels more expensive and more limited in design.
  • AMF wheels are created by first casting an unfinished version of the wheel (the face is finalized but the barrel is not). Afterwards, the cast disk is put through a wheel spinning processor that rolls out the barrel. This process works like a forging process that forges the barrel as it forms its shape, thus allowing the barrel to be thin and lightweight. This method is thus a hybrid allowing the wheel face to be highly detailed (more detailed than a forged wheel) yet allowing it to be light weight (lighter than any equivalent cast wheel). All WedsSports Wheels are AMF wheels.

Weds North America
Weds Japan


3 thoughts on “Company Archives: Weds Co., LTD.

  1. matthew cannon says:

    Great info on a classic and rather overlooked company these days. The Furalco Racing Forg of the 70/80’s are some of the best products to come from Weds and to this day, are perhaps some of the most sought after used wheels on the market.


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