“March 2011 Ronin” Sheik Hossain

Ronin of March::


I have always been a fan of the RSX Type-S (DC5 Integra or whatever you prefer). It was my first tuner car; and the beginning of my love and passion for the tuner world. I have always been a fan of Sheik’s car: Wide Fenders, Naturally Aspirated Motor, and much much more. My favorite part of capturing these Ronins is their unique quality that makes them stand out from all the rest. It could be the simplest part, or something that covers the entire car. In this case, Sheik has plenty to share.

Thank you InsideKami for this great opportunity as it will hopefully lead me to be able to move foward with this car and get some nice sponsors. ūüôā

Hey my name is Sheik Daniel Hossain and I once owned a 2002 Satan Silver Metallic(SSM) Base 5 Speed Acura RSX. I am 24 years old and if I’m not at School or work (making money) I’m working on my car to make this Daily Driven Beast Better!

Here is a Little Synopsis of My Story.

I got this Car as a graduation present after High School. After 4 years of light mods to the Base motor the car was paid off.
At that moment, I decided to start heavily Modding. First thing was the motor, it had to go, so I replaced it with the¬†Best of the Best, an¬†06 TSX 2.4 I-Vtec Motor (K24). The transition of power was outstanding! As I started to enjoy the car a bit more it was unfortunatley stolen from my driveway one night!¬†It wasn’t the end just yet though, the police were able to recover the vehicle!
When i saw it, it was naked. No interior, no motor, on a 4 lug conversion swap and the exterior was almost destroyed… the Insurance coverage was only liabilty, so i got no money from this!¬†I had a back up plan though. My neighborhood has Surveillance camera’s.


Long story short we got the guy who did it the day after it happened. We got most of the parts back, he went to jail, and he has to pay me restitution for my car. A total of 7K but I will never see it because he pays me $50 a month, which will take about 10 years.

After the whole ordeal I had a vision. I saw my torn apart car that was butt naked inside and out in my garage and asked myself what can I do to this particular RSX to stand out from the others. Of course it was gonna be my daily driver, because it was and still is my only car. So the gears in my head started turning at the same RPM my motor redlined at and 1 year later it came out looking like this!

Future of the Car.

I plan on looking for a used set of Enkie RPF1’s 17×9 +35 to get powder coated a special color so that i can slap on some nice fat street tires for the Drag Strip! I also want to build the bottom end, including: a refinishing crank, new beefier rod, and some top notch medium to high compression pistons. After that we are gonna inject the heart of the beast with a Direct Port Nitrous Kit. We will start at a 75 shot and move up to a 100, then maybe try and push it to the limit with a 125/150! Im gonna make this a 400+ all motor setup soon enough! I had turbo in mind but that comes with too many problems and I want this monster to last till the end!


None of this would have been possible if it werent for the following people: My mother who would drive me around in my time of need while supporting my decision to build this car, Speedzone Performance, A-Class Body and Paint, Jo-Tech Proformance, and my good friend Xavier who put built my Custom Wiring Harness!

2002 Acura RSX (Previously a SSM Base model)


Lexus Starfire Pearl White
DC5 Front End Kouki Conversion
Charge Speed 20mm Wide Fenders
Mugen Front Lip and Side Skirts
A-spec Rear Lip
DC5 Kouki Mini Deck Lid Spoiler
JDM Window Visors
JDM Amber Side Markers
Honda Emblems
Front Fenders were cut and Modified for wheel fitment
Rear Fenders were rolled accordingly for wheel fitment


06 K24A2
Injen CAI (Powerder Coated Red)
Skunk2 70mm TB
Skunk2 Intake Manifold (Port matched)
Skunk2 Fuel Rail
Skunk 2 Timing Chain Tensioner
RDX 410cc Injectors
Street Port & Polish
50 Degree VTC Gear
Brian Crower Stage 2 Cams
BC Intake (Oversized +1mm) and Exhaust Valves
BC Springs and Titanium Retainers
FN2 Civic Type R Oil Pump
Mugen Thermostat and Fan Switch
Kid Racing Race Header 70mm collector
Custom 3 Inch Exhaust from the Test Pipe
Vibrant 3 Inch Exhaust w/ Resonator with a Custom Tip


Rebuilt 2002 Transmission
TSX 6th Gear
4.3 Final Drive
Quiafe LSD
Hybrid Racing Shifter Bushings


JDM Recaro Seats Black with Red Stitching
Nardi 330mm Black Suede with Red Stitching
JDM Shift Boot with Red Stitching
JDM Pedals and Dead Rest
Revo Short Shifter
Skunk2 Shift Knob
Recaro Suede Roof Liner
Recaro Suede Door Inserts
Custom Single DIN Triple Gauge Console
NRG Quick Release
NRG 4 Point Harness and Harness Bar
Intergra Side Sills


Foot Work (Suspesion, Brakes, and Wheels):
Tein SS-P with Pillow Ball Mounts
Rear maxed out
Front still has about an inch of drop left
JDM Type R Front Sway BarSkunk2 Rear Lower Control Arms
J’s Racing C Pillar
Cusco Rear Floor Strut Bar (Powder Coated Bar Black, Ends Red)
JDM Type R Front Sway Bar
JDM Type R Brembo Brake Kit
4 Piston Up front
2 Piston In the rear
Equipped with Hawk Ceramic Pads (little to no dust under heavy braking)
Custom Stage 1 Gator Axles for the Brembo Kit Fitment with JDM LCA’s
Volk Genesis CE28N’s 17×9.5 +28mm all around
**with the JDM Brembo Conversion add +15mm all around
**So in reality the Wheel Specs are 17×9.5 +13
Rotors Poweder Coated Red
Ingalls Front and Rear Camber Kit



Viper Alarm w/2 way Remote and Auto Start w/ Smart Phone Campatability Custom Tucked Wiring Harness w/ Labels
Battery Relocated to Hidden Location
Odyssey Battery
7K HIDs with mini Ballasts
Pioneer Single DIN with Bluetooth
4 Pioneer 3 Way speakers
Digital Series Prosport Gauges:
Oil Pressure
Wide Band
Water Temp

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