Itasha: Those Crazy Otaku Cars

For those who have never heard of Itasha aka Otaku cars here is a little background:

Otaku is the broad Japanese name given to “people with obsessive interests in anime, manga, and/or video games.” While these cars can be called Otaku cars, the more distinct and proper name of Itasha describes these decked out cars with anime (for those bored go ahead and read the wiki article on Itasha for a creepy yet interesting derivation of Itasha which goes back to the serial killer Miyazaki Tsutomu). Just a little back ground knowledge to impress your friends or to kill time at work =P.

Anyways, so the Otaku and Itasha fad has reached huge markets throughout Japan, including the recent design on the Studie GLAD with Asada Racing Super GT BMW Z4 (Shown above). With this car reaching such fame even US companies have started the Itasha fad (EDO Performance STI – shown on Left).  So how far will the Itasha fad get in the US? If you like it or think its the ugliest and stupidest thing ever leave a comment… 🙂 or if you are building or built an Itasha car leave your input too. Either way feel free to leave a comment.


More Itasha:


10 thoughts on “Itasha: Those Crazy Otaku Cars

  1. Gisselle Denise Muniz via Facebook says:

    Could be cool… but ive seen ricey cars painted with anime n that already gives me a bad outlook on them. kawaii on cars is much more tolerable, in small dosages.


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