Just Because Some People are Douche Bags

Well for the unlucky driver in the picture (to the left) there is now a solution šŸ™‚ so no one has to suffer at the hands of bored teenagers or plain straight up assholes haha. Seriously who steals a license plate? WTF do you get out of it… is there something I’m missing?
Well whatever at least these will make your license plate look like awesome-ness and it will impress all the JDM hoes. Now only a ninja will be able to steal your license plate.

Project Kics License Plate Lock Bolts
Part Numer: WPLB
MSRP: $30.00


  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Tapered for security
  • Special Lock for more securuty
  • Newest JDM Craze and only $30




Old School Rockin New gramLIGHTS 57V

Check out this 1980’s Toyota Corolla KE70 and 1970’s Toyota Celica TA22 on Rays’ newly released gramLIGHTS 57V. These are some of the sexiest old school Toyotas I’ve seen in a while. Good job to the lucky bastard who owns these cars… Sexiness?


Varis GVB Impreza: Design Process

We always see final products, yet we rarely see the steps that go into creating that finished product. Thanks to Varis’ new blog we’re able to see the steps taken by the Carbon specialists. It’s all in Japanese and filled with superfluous information… but here it is condensed šŸ˜›

The first step is creating a detailed concept of what you want the final product to look like:

From there you begin to mockup the design on the car with clay:

Following the mock up, material and design specs are decided (ie. Carbon Fiber around the exhaust as a heat shield and a strong yet light inner trunk rib:

Finally after manufacturing and final tweaks here and there, the final product is acheived:

So what do you guys think? You like the final design? Leave a comment and let us know.


New Product: Volk Racing RE30 Club Sport

Rays Japan just release some pictures and specs for their new RE30’s Club Sport Edition. Ā These follow the TE37 SL tradition, where these are wheels directly targeted to people who participate in motorsports. And the best news of all, they will be a little cheaper than regular RE30’s.


Aerodynamics: New IS350 Race-Inspired Aero

Earlier this year C-West unveiled a new body kit for the Lexus IS350 at the Tokyo Auto Salon. But up to this moment not much else was known… until now. It seems the part are in their final step of testing, so we should be seeing a new product out soon. The full kit will consist of a front bumper, front underpanel/diffuser, front brake ducts, side skirts, rear bumper, and GT wing. Ā For now here are some pictures of the IS at the track. Enjoy.


Lexus LF-Gh Design Process

InĀ preparationĀ for theĀ releaseĀ of LF-Gh, Lexus recreated the automotive design process on a large physical scale. Ā It goes fromĀ the penĀ­cil sketch of the iniĀ­tial designer to a more stylĀ­ized computer renĀ­derĀ­ing, then itā€™s recreĀ­ated and revised in CAD, until itā€™s finally ready to have the black cover pulled off. Its pretty creative and impressive how Lexus was able to recreate that unrealistic process into real life. Props to them, hopefully the LF-Gh won’tĀ disappoint.