Part 2 – 2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

So maybe you were inspired by my last post and you drove yourself to St. Petersburg. Or maybe not.. I think the Inside Kami Executives took the day off so I held things down. I know you can’t all make it, we have readers from all over the world so hopefully I can summarize it for you. Not just with a few words but with some of the photos from the hundreds I took.

The event this year was just as good as prior years if not better given the great weather (no rain). Again, the World Challenge races caught my attention all weekend. These are cars you see on the street and the drivers have come up through the grass roots events. Some of the race teams competing in the World Challenge are even  family owned teams. You can feel the passion and see the home grown skills in the paddock area with what looks like a group of friends wrenching on their car in their boys apartment complex parking lot. Just like anything there is a range.. from home grown to top dollar as you work up the classes. The Truspeed team and their GT3’s are SiCK!!  Reinforces my need to own a 911 in 5 years but just like my budget would have to change to own one…  so would yours to compete with them.

I am rambling on now so I will wrap it up… the sights, sounds, smell are all so intense at these events. The crowds that follow Indy Car are insane.  All three days, I was all in the first day, few hours on Saturday and again all day Sunday. Each day relaxing and looking for new spots to shot in the process, taking it all in. Strangely peaceful despite the scream of 10,000+ RPM. Something you have to experience if you haven’t yet. So with that… more photos that I felt worthy.

James Luedde – Fotoset Photography


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